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  1. Sincerity Harmony with yourself Good sense of humour
  2. All women are different, just like men, and it is wrong to speak for all at once.
  3. Everything plays a role to some extent. Understand yourself - how important are the imposed roles to you
  4. Great thoughts and good conclusions. I myself only recently came to this.
  5. You should not start an affair at work, and even with a non-free colleague.
  6. I think she loves you as a friend. I'm sorry
  7. Awesome sex is about emotions, especially for girls
  8. Someday you will be in the place of all these guys. This is the law of life
  9. Caring, respect, attention is the main thing and not only for girls, I think
  10. I am here recently, but it's nice to be in the company of such nice and supportive people.
  11. Yes, some. Not all. Like not all men are addicted to porn.
  12. I think you should consider getting a divorce. It is simply convenient for your wife to shift all the blame onto the family and the environment. Think about yourself
  13. Maybe she should go to the gynecologist to check for any problems?
  14. Interesting topic, I would also like to hear something sensible
  15. @StarStruck if only in the dating market for one night
  16. Breath meditation with the simple emphasis on physical relaxation has also helped me with sleep problems
  17. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, pasta, but sometimes I allow myself pizza or something like that.
  18. I don't think this is a good idea. She made it clear to you that she treats you as a friend.
  19. Just a great plan of action!
  20. I recently read this book, it is definitely worth reading for anyone interested.
  21. Good video. Thanks for sharing