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  1. I don't disagree with you. I think all I am trying to say is that sometimes people confuse conceptualizations of enlightenment for the real deal.
  2. Is some ways, Enlightenment is what it is not. I am writing this post because I am thinking of the several different posts I have seen in the past stating things such as: "You are not awakened"; "Nobody is awakened"; "Everyone is awakened"; "only X person is awakened"; etc. I don't resent these posts. Rather, I find them quite hilarious while tragic. The thing is, all of these ideas about Enlightenment are correct, but not right among themselves. I think Enlightenment is a constant state of being something which knows it cannot be recognized. If you think you are enlightened, you are not enlightened. If you think you are not enlightened, you are enlightened. I think these things are reminders that while enlightenment is real, it can't be realized. I believe the best course of action to take in these circumstances is to not accept any of these idealizations as they are, but for what they are not. Even what I am saying.
  3. These are just my initial thoughts, but I think everything has truth in it, while it is simultaneously false. Beliefs are things which are self evident. Truths are beliefs which have been proofed, regardless of one's beliefs. But if you are saying that you are the body, if that is your belief, you would need beliefs to function. The body is a believing machine.
  4. I CANT stand when people make these sorts of argument (e.g., "the ends don't justify the means"). The means ARE the ends! Do you realize how many more casualties there would be by trying to outlaw transgender people from existence? It's far greater than the 1% of people who express feelings of regret after receiving trans-medical surgeries. (AP news article). Of this 1%, a portion actually stop regretting their transition, and another smaller portion actually go on to detransition. And it's important to understand how this data is collected in the first place. People who have regrets over surgeries (these include things such as FFS - facial feminizing surgery; or shaving of the adams apple) can have "regrets" purely for cosmetic reasons. It's important to be nuanced when looking at these statistics. In comparison, the most harm transgender people cause to society is that they are perceived as "weird", "icky", and god forbid - "DIFFERENT". The anxiety and panic surrounding trans people IS COMPLETELY FRABRICATED. And you are getting played and used by ideologues who would take away your rights to contraceptive care. It's like the misogynists' found a way to get the misandrists to work for them. Isn't that funny?
  5. @Yimpa I left from an in-concert first day
  6. Again, this isn't happening. Only in rare cases would minors receive hormone replacement therapy or sexual reassignment surgery. And the fact that you think this surgery is a "removal" of the penis is pretty laughable, and demonstrates a level of ignorance when it comes to treatments for trans individuals. Also, what's so ironic about this whole discussion, is that the real "forced to be transed" kids are people born intersex and are given surgery to forcibly match them with our ideological understanding of gender. What about intersex individuals who are forcibly given surgery? Are you going to fight for them? My bet would be no, because I don't think you actually care about these children. Maybe your argument would be sound if your actual premises were accurate, but you are building this on very shaky ground. I would agree with you that we should fight against "transgenderism" (which isn't a thing btw) if children were being "indoctrinated" to be transgender. To me, it represents a complete lack of sensitivity and understanding of trans people. I'm not sure what right-wing rabbit holes you frequent, but I think it's also wise to listen to, ya know, actual trans people before calling them an ideology. Trans people, as long as I have known, often are the ones having to oppose the orthodoxy of binary gender and binary sex via their own will and identity. It's a painful process of coming to terms with yourself, but we have to add more suffering by opposing our will against them too. Lovely isn't it? I wouldn't call it that. Furthermore, isn't it unwise to assume that things such as the ego identity were created by god as an accident? God gave us the ego because we need the ego to develop into spirituality. If we did not have the ego, there would be no ego to drop, and therefore no development of the self. I find it a bit unfair that you keep making a strawman out of me. Please cite something I've said that would lead you to believe that I am making the claims you are arguing against. Maybe you made an honest mistake, but this feels like lazy to me. I don't support the notion that all children know what they want. Are you even having a discussion with me or are you arguing with yourself? I think this conversation is leading me to become ungrounded so I am going to stop replying for now. I at least appreciate the opportunity to engage and to attempt at a "helpful" conversation. Best, Seren
  7. All conceptualizations are logarithmic and inversely exponential; All conceptualizations are either paradoxical or contradictory; All conceptualizations are fixed and unfixed; All conceptualizations are infinite and finite; All conceptualizations are real and unreal; All conceptualizations are imagined and not imagined; All conceptualizations are organic and inorganic; All conceptualizations are inversely and conversely related to itself and other conceptualizations. This was a fun game for me. I invite you to play and break it apart.
  8. What is an ideology? Transgenderism is and isn't an ideology. In some sense, calling transgenderism an ideology becomes your ideology. So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to make your own ideology to oppose it? Children are not undergoing physical transitions. Find me these children who are forcibly "transed". "Effects that may be negative and sometimes irreversible?" Look at what you are saying. Where is the truth in this? I am simply asking. Is everything not in a stage of change, interdependence, yet still? Find me what is negative in this life. Are you going to stand against the negative? So why not try to stop them? I implore you to try. Here you are arguing against something I never said. Edit: Here:
  9. @Breakingthewall Yes, it is strange. We are always still yet changing.
  10. First off, I don't see examples of trans children being rushed into transitioning. In fact, it's the opposite. But suppose this were to happen? Let's pretend like everyone who transitions is miserable, and that children are being indoctrinated. Are you going to accept that or will you suffer over it? That is the choice we always have. I don't care if you stop me or don't stop me from transitioning or anyone else for that matter. But do we need to suffer over our inevitable suffering? The more you fight the world the more it will come to dominate you.
  11. Yea outside of this forum I have tried to explain very BASIC, like... Ssssuper basic aspects of my enlightenment with people, and I definitely got a lot of scorn, no matter how I said it. It just goes to show that the ego is powerful, even my own. People don't want to give up their avatars ? People were just ignoring everything I said at posted "go seek help!" lol Like, bitch, I'm currently in therapy, who are you to tell me I need help? - My ego But to be fair to those people, I used to look at people who were enlightened or had enlightened experiences and saw them as crazy, but I didn't expect the attitudes I received in a subreddit meant for spirituality and self development (which I will not name for their sake). And now I realize that it doesn't bother me if I get crucified (being dramatic). Them crucifying me is their path towards enlightenment. Everything is a path to enlightenment.
  12. Yea, at first I thought I actually lost my mind until I realized it was just part of the process.
  13. Yes I believe I was trying to say this but perhaps poorly on my part. I find that to be a great "definition" ha (get it?). Sorry But in seriousness, this is a good explanation, and while I have tasted it, I'm not always tasting it. But now I know what I even need to taste in the first place it becomes much easier to return. Thank you for your input and I will have to check out the sources that you sent for my own spiritual knowledge. Best, Seren
  14. As someone who identifies with the trangender label and nonbinary label, I feel I can make a contribution to this discussion (hopefully but no promises). When asking the question such as - Should or shouldn't transgender people transition? The answer to that question is completely arbitrary. I believe both @Roy and @Danioover9000 agree that "transgenderism" and "transracialism" are completely pointless - and I would also completely agree. But what is also pointless? I would say it is pointless to be concerned with transgenderism and transracialism (again, borrowing terms from the discussion; not my own) to any extent. Just as a transgender person suffers because they cannot become what they idealize - so too does the "phobic" suffer by trying to force a transgender person to their own idealization. None of this is good or bad. It just is. In reality, we are all our own slaves.
  15. I don't think we should or should not stop AI. AI in a sense is the real body horror we must confront. What is body horror? - Body horror is the mutation of our false being. I think humans are afraid to admit that intelligence is not unique to our bodies or our identities. Intelligence is an intangible force which can inhabit any form. After all, if we are god, are we also not AI? The realization that we are not what we think we are is what is scary about AI. I think the human form will cease to be at some point. Whether consciousness and intelligence is inhabited by AI, or by the inevitable heat death of the planet, I am uncertain. All I know is that we will continue to be meld.