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  1. Skull + Flowers Collage (2021) Life and death: the skull with flowers, a powerful contrast. A cold skull is a powerful symbol of death. Colorful florals, beautiful and sensual, tells the intense marvel of life. Here, our life takes on an incredible value when we place them next to death: vital time becomes a rare, precious good!
  2. @Space awesome work! great use of colors. loving the textures here. Really a craft of a pro!
  3. @soos_mite_ah Imagine you see a beautiful flower.. and you wanted it so bad.. yet you cannot pick it.. cause you cannot pick it. Then you put out a camera, then take a picture instead. Other people use pen and paper to capture it.. others use words to capture it.. others express it's beauty as a piece of music.. other make art through.. just to remember it. That's the "medium". You pick which fits for you. But the bigger question is... what is something that you find fascinating and that you want to "capture" it so bad??