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  1. I find it funny that you said horny...the Jews believe in an entity called "Lilith" that might actually be some kind of assistant/guide for solipsism. Regardless, seems like a good form of cope. A succubi dream girl you get to spend eternity with . In all seriousness though, I encourage you to check out the King James Bible, read it cover to cover. See if it changes your perspective on things.
  2. Thanks @Vignan, I'll check it out. You should watch this from about the 2:50 to 8:35 mark. I know it's from anime, but stuff like this actually exists out's strange though, because the methodology behind why it works is a mystery.. I know Leo touched on witchcraft briefly and said it works, I believe him. Just curious why spiritual forces care about blood, and why is it that through this narrow medium waking dream manipulation can occur.
  3. @Vignan Interesting. So practical means are the only ways of manipulating the dream currently? By practical I mean you imagine and visualize a sky tower in some location.. then you find a job, get into stocks, start investing etc to bring it into fruition... so that means perspective shift is the best way to manipulate reality, because it snowballs into action orientated change? It seems like there's some kind of invisible force (related to gravity or time) preventing things from being manipulated in the waking dream. With lucid dreams I can actually control and steer them in a desired direction. With psychedelics or altered states of consciousness you overhaul all of existence (which is not desired), but it seems to always rubber band back...and the people who go all the way never live to tell the tale. So yeah, manipulating the waking dream seems difficult. There's the dissolving of yourself into everything, but how do I levitate a can of Monster? How can I create a fireball in my palm. The only way I know of to do things like that are through occult methods, which may involve paying some heavy price that's not worth it. I'm talking about blood rituals and other things, like game of thrones..."blood magic". I bet it probably exists.
  4. Just something lighthearted and funny for you guys. While we're at it I guess we can talk about manifesting what you does it work? I often see synchronicity as a primary form of manifestation, but never anything beyond that. For instance, you decide to stop drinking alcohol, then all of a sudden friends show up out of nowhere and ask you out for a drink. Or events in life guide you toward certain people, the 11:11, 111, 222, 333 phenomenon, things of that nature. I also see stuff about mantras, leaving self asserting messages around the home like Arnold Schwarzenegger did and positive thinking. Then there's the secret and manipulating karmic debt. Shifting perspectives seems more like it changes how you perceive things, then actually changing them. Interesting Bible verse I found on the matter: "for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you." Considering all of it, what are your thoughts/how do you bend reality/manipulate the dream?
  5. I recommend a progression over time strategy for your work. The psyche cannot handle too much revelation at once, so you should encourage people to take things slowly and give them time to digest it. You've said something similar already by telling people to progress through the spiral dynamic stages..(get grounded in stage blue etc) but people should take long breaks to come to grips with difficult concepts/experiences like ego death. Also, you should recommend starting out with weaker psychedelics first (and to do thorough research/appropriate precautions) as people work their way up. Psychedelics can make people go crazy. They have the potential to trigger latent mental illness and sudden undesirable changes in perspective... look into psyche ward residents and you'll find a huge amount of people there who have misused psychedelics.. Some literally start hallucinating insects crawling all over their bodies. Pest control get bothered with calls from these people all the time. It is an internet meme thanks to people like Joe Rogan that psychedelics are completely safe. People should respect them. You also come across as someone who enjoys psyching people out (the smiley faces like in... the YouTube comments lol). You've got kind of a mentalist vibe going on with the shaven head and everything (that's cool and part of the image/brand). You should be careful though, I'm not sure if the way you communicate was picked up from self help books or through coaching/speaking techniques, but it comes off as brash. It's almost like your channel is trying to target arrogant rationalists/skeptics and teach them a lesson..and then open minded or more casual watchers get caught in the crossfire. I understand that this method might be a requirement though to make people "get it". You should also give Christianity a closer look Leo. Almost everything you teach is the complete opposite of it at every single point. If there is any foundation out there for dualism, you'd find it in Christianity. Mental illness from the Christian worldview can be prescribed to demons/fallen angels amalgamizing with your consciousness. Demons provide an explanation for things like tourettes, hearing voices, schizophrenia, people that need straight jackets, self harm, seizures etc...It might even be an alternative explanation for kriyas or kundalini experiences. Definitely look into it...but you do you man. P.S, I am amazed at how one man can be so based. You've basically discovered what the Freemasons and Jews believe as their deepest held secret, and release articulate well thought out explanations of it every week. You've probably gone even deeper than they have.