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  1. This comes across as a dumb, non-empathetic, at minimum classist and borderline racist post. But we will assume the best and think because of your non-native command of English you are unaware of the offense you cause. America has immigrants for multiple reasons. Partly it's because our country has always defined itself as an immigrant country and even its iconic statute of liberty has a famous poem that reads "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,...The wretched refuse of your teeming shore." This idealistic aspect of America is real. But at the same time, there are plenty of non-idealistic reasons America accepts so many relatively poor/uneducated immigrants. The American economy is huge and has an insatiable appetite for labor. Those cows won't slaughter themselves, those old retired boomers won't wipe their own ass in the nursing homes after all.
  2. Assuming in this situation the criminal is guilty without doubt.
  3. UFOs are real and significant. Everything suggests they are not man-made (man made here meaning humans from this planet in this dimension in this time period). Greer is a phony with a profit motivation. He is known to charge large fees to stage UFO sightings that turn up to be drones followed by smoke shows.
  4. There is a spectrum on how directly people rely on the government. People living in public housing and receiving food stamps and Medicare are one end of the spectrum, while survivalists living in the Montana mountains eating deer and self-healing using herbs found in the wild are on the other side. Most Americans fall in the middle. The government isn't as direct and obvious presence in their lives as people in public housing, but the hidden hand of government supports them in many aspects --- many private industries rely on some form of government subsidy, many employer provided benefits take advantage of government tax breaks, many lucrative companies use technologies originally developed by the government using public tax dollars. The conservative in [insert flyover red state here] lives in a McMansion in the suburbs, drives to their 9-5 job and thinks they're self-made while neglecting the fact that their state receives more in federal subsidies than it pays in taxes and their employer likely relies on some form of government contracts, or government-created legal structures that benefit the existence of their industry.
  5. People need to take personal responsibility, yes, but the government should use its immense resources to create opportunity as well. If the government isn't there to help create opportunity, what are they good for? just some police and courts?
  6. Delighted to have started a controversy. Learning alot here.
  7. The link is good, thanks for sharing. You might have more time. Capability and widespread adoption don't synch. And if it comes, you'll be in the same boat as all of us basically. Surgeons, accountants, drivers, writers, everyone.
  8. Someone who is an absolute danger to society and cannot be saved can also be locked up permanently in a maximum security prison and only allowed an hour a day of exercise. There's an element of retribution in the death penalty. Is it low consciousness to want retribution in the form of death?
  9. Under severe circumstances or would simply intentionally killing another person qualify?
  10. Without war, humans would have never developed strong states. War forced states to reduce emphasis on nepotism. The King might like his cousin, but if putting less competent cousin in charge of important armies means the armies get smashed and the enemy takes his kingdom that's a big incentive to change. Happened in China which used a test process to appoint officials.
  11. Jordan Peterson's power is declining rapidly among some liberal intellectual youth who previously liked him or at least didn't find him as boring as the typical ivy tower professor.
  12. If Garland and Biden signed off on this, you know they found some real big dirt on him.
  13. Well damn, what a brilliant take down our great guru @Leo Gura
  14. He's become a total sellout. Lots of ass kissing of Israel. Lots of conceptual language every sentence but very little substance. Lots of surface level understanding of Muslims and blah blah of Sunni and Shia. Reminds me of the American generals who thought they had such deep understanding of Muslims during the Iraq war because they could talk about the Sunni-Shia divide and they really thought that was the main issue.
  15. Conservative implies loyalty to tradition, inherent distrust of new ways of thinking and being, support for hierarchies based on birth, and other ideas/values not in line with Yellow. Yellow might see the need for a conservative phase for society as a whole, or for conservatives generally, but Yellow would not be a conservative. The opposite of "not a conservative" is not a fire-breathing liberal, though.
  16. They sat there listening to him like choir girls listening to the head nun.
  17. @Leo Gura Is it just about security interests? A compelling theory I’ve read from a professor who studies Russia is that Putin is afraid of Ukraine becoming more Western because that undermines the legitimacy and longevity of his rent-seeking, patrimonial system of control. Putin wants a ring of satellite states governed (or misgoverned) like Russia so the Russian people never ask themselves why they can’t be democratic like Ukraine.
  18. USA is a rich, liberal and democratic country so the life conditions here are not the same as other places and spiral has more nuances here. Green is very strong in many parts of the USA and controls significant parts of the media, giving it great cultural power and the ability to hold sway over significant portions of blue. I remember when Obama was first running the green media made him appear to be the second-coming of Christ and the Green grassroots mobilized a huge, cross-spiral winning coalition. My stage-blue Muslim mother (Somalia origin, U.S citizen) voted for him on the night of his election because a stage green Afro-American man showed up at her house and drove her to the polling station (someone spent incredible resources identifying houses of potential voters, coordinating car pools etc) and she had been hearing wall-to-wall positive coverage about him in the Green media, which even impacts immigrant-language programs. (She refused to vote for him the second time around because he was "bombing the Muslims like Bush" - showing the power of stage blue thinking). Societies like India don't have the money, and overwhelming media and grassroots power of stage green in places like the U.S to override the tendency of stage blue "us vs them"/authoritarianism. But even when some elections result in this override, stage blue tendencies are still simmering under the surface (see Obama-Trump voters).
  19. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/02/14/amy-coney-barretts-long-game The conservatives have a 6-3 majority. The previous establishment conservatives are losing ground to a new breed who think their duty is to impose their "right" morality on the rest. Take a look at this quote from the article: What an interesting time we live in. The coastal areas are moving to green, an assertive green, while middle America is an assertive red and an even more assertive, Christian blue that has methodically taken over the courts. I don't think Ray Dalio is off when he says America is headed for civil war.
  20. @Preety_India Hard to imagine. The civil war was a nicely defined north-south geographic split. Now in America, southern cities vote democrat and rural northern states vote for Trump.
  21. Excuse me. There are many parts of Africa that are incredibly safe. Somaliland is one example. Ethiopia, until its recent civil war, was very safe and still is very safe in big cities like Addis Ababa. Nairobi, except for pickpockets, is safe. Lumping a massive continent many times the size of Europe together smearing and stereotyping the entire place as "unsafe" is the type of lazy thinking that has caused A LOT of problem and which we should not repeat here.
  22. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/jordan-peterson-why-i-am-no-longer-a-tenured-professor-at-the-university-of-toronto Takeaways from his rant: - He believes white males are the most qualified and efforts to increase diversity come at the expense of white males -He believes in "meritocracy." -He makes zero effort to understand the perspective of people who want diversity and inclusion -He makes zero effort to understand the challenges faced by minorities and others underrepresented and traditionally sidelined by corporations and universities Although he frames his exit as a valorous attempt to protect his graduate students, I think the real reason is he's making a lot of money from YouTube and lecturing/book writing and this stunt will give him the aura of a martyr for the cause among his groupies. It's really sad academia has failed to produce any public yellow intellectual who can take on Jordan Peterson.
  23. @Leo Gura come on now. "Serious nerds" are the 1% of the 1%. JP is interesting, seemingly meaningful, makes people feel smarter just hearing him speak. Why can't someone closer to yellow do something similar? We need to isolate this feeing among some that the mouth-breathers are so uncouth they don't deserve the attention and effort. They deserve it as long as their vote determines our destiny, no?
  24. @Leo Gura Academia is too insular. There should be a bigger focus on interacting with the public or insidious figures like JP get too much power. JP has a lot right, but his fixation on minorities and "dominance hierarchies" combined with his massive influence is not good. There are a lot of science popularizers, but very few (interesting and broadly appealing) public intellectuals who address social, philosophical, and political issues like JP. Academia has come to enshrine publishing in obscure journals read by a handful of narrow specialists as the ultimate purpose of people in academia and I feel there is a loss there.
  25. Is there anything "new" that caused all of this Muslim-hate to become so pervasive in India or are Modi and his cronies using Muslim-hate to distract from the fact that India has many serious economic and social problems that they actually have no solution for?