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  1. Absolutely refugee camps are no fun. I can’t make any money in turkey. I have no skill and the economy in here is bad. I have looked into many universities online i even took some exams trying to get a visa but i couldn’t find anything this is because lack of information and most of them don’t accept my high school degree .
  2. I agree with you friend. Thank you for the advice.
  3. I have looked many ways and tried to find the least risky option but because of the somali passport my options are limited.
  4. Thank you i appreciate it.
  5. Yeah i know there will be a lot of difficulties along the way but i got to survive.
  6. Thank you for your response leo. I am definitely going to leave here because of the risk of me staying in here outweighs the risk me going to another places.
  7. Because i didn’t pray when the time of praying came most of the time. I live with my two sisters right now and because you live with someone everyday definitely they would notice. And i talked most of the time about my view about the world even once my sister said that i have weird thoughts and i think in weird way than they do.
  8. So i have mentioned before in this forum that i am from somalia. And as you can guess from someone who is a hardcore fan of actualized.org i am not religious person and there is a death penalty for the people who don’t believe islam in somalia. I am 18 years old And i have lived my whole life in somalia. I came to turkey few months ago because my family sent me here to study university and i am pretty much exposed that i am not a muslim anymore to my family because they noticed that i don’t pray 5 times a day anymore. So an opportunity presented itself to me to cross the borders of Greece illegally by paying smugglers and become a refugee on one of the european countries otherwise if i stay in here in turkey i might sent back to somalia by my family and i don’t what will from happen from there or they will just cut my the money they are sending to me. So leo what would you do if you were born on this side of the world? Let me know guys what you think?
  9. Alright guys i am from somalia and i am 18 years old and i lived my whole life in somalia and i made it to here. Right now i am kind of lost.