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  1. I've been a silent follower of Leo's content for almost 6 years now, and I find it oustanding how much Leo has grown during the last years, that's actually what has made me stick around. From 10-20 minute sequences (I hope I recall it correctly) about how to make a girl fall in love with you (or squirt) to the Infinite Godhead. But also the way you teach and speak have transformed and I can tell by the look in your eyes that you have "seen things" that I can only imagine. But also in your earlier years you could see the huge potential in your videos when tackling the questions that have excited us the most. I found comfort in learing more about self-actualizing and striving to be the best version of myself. Since then your teachings have become more radical, more eye-opening and more shocking, and finally what made me stick was that I've had experiences in the sleeping state that I was sorting out on my own. This radical perspective helped me integrate something that I felt to be true. But that's not the only side of the coin. I've also struggled with mental health issues and took some of your descriptions out of the context in which they were presented. This left me feeling passive and nihilistic, so what is to be done within a dream? The point is that I haven't become fully conscious of the dream itself, so this is my reality. But that's just what happens when you present someone who isn't rock solid in their personality and sense of the world with these ideas. You have stressed enough, that it doesn't have to be taken as a belief system, but "some" people are looking for a belief system, after all science can't promote them with the same sense of security anymore. I make a bold claim, it it wasn't for belief systems, a significant amount of content in this forum wouldn't exist. If we understood that it is not about belief systems, what's the point in discussing all of these arguments? Do we arrive anywhere? Or is this more mental masturbation? That's why I personally would suggest, that you spend less time on trying to correct people's misunderstandings about your teachings and focus more on providing and illustrating the methods. You try your best to communicate what can't be, but do you think this will make people finally "crack"? Or are you just sorting out these insights on your own. I think critical feedback is valuable but exposing yourself to corrupted ideas is not necessarily healthy.
  2. I think this can't be stressed enough. But if you're mentally unstable or clinically ill, taking spiritual ideas in some distorted way can do harm. But that's because being mentally unstable or clinically ill will cause harm - either to yourself or others. It's unreasonable to make teachings responsible for that. It's always the psyche that tries to make sense of something and if that sense is distorted, it will have its effect. What exactly was the case, can only be guessed. My fair guess is that to some extend sprirituality served (for any reason) as a gateway out.
  3. Okay, now we're speculating. But of course, this can't be excluded. My interpretation was based on his last post. But if he needed an excuse he might as well depict it that way. After all, we don't know.
  4. So, now I've actually registered to post something here. First of all, my heart goes to the ones who are now faced with the loss of him as a friend, a parent, a lover, and finally as a person. By what his last words here on the forum where, it seems to me that the desire to experience death in this collective reality was triggered by a conceptual misunderstanding. He tried to make conceptual sense of life and death by constructing a framework of "endless dreams". But whatever is constructed within the mind is just symbols and metaphors. He must have thought to move on to another "realm" of reality after knocking out his physicality. Like dreaming up different storylines and then waking up. But he might have mistaken what moves on for what stays in this "realm". These are just my thoughts on this. Of course, the mind is tricky and language can be very subjective, especially when it comes to the attached symbols and metaphors behind the sheer words. That is why Leo's teaching CAN be misleading if you're not mentally stable and arrive at conclusions too fast about how reality is structered and shaped. He might have thought to have it figured out, that's why he took such radical action.