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  1. Ram Dass was a spiritual teacher whose job and LP was to give lectures on freedom and love. He had a stroke in the 90s which all but took away his ability to speak for long periods. Look into his journey for some answers. His understanding deepened after his affliction.
  2. Looks like this drug is getting more coverage as time goes on. Interesting video. Not sure they talk about it in the best of light but interesting that they are talking about it at all!
  3. Nailed it. The question for people really is are they perusing this because they see the futility of the world of form or because someone on YouTube told them they should? Tell me your motivation and I can probably predict your results.
  4. I feel like people aren’t considering the fact that you also have to WANT enlightenment. Like for real. Ramana felt like he was going to die and basically learned to surrender and was super focused because he HAD to be. He was freaking out and had no way to maintain “control” from the ego’s perspective. Tolle also was massively depressed when he surrendered. A lot of these people we envy and wish we could copy had horrible life situations that we would never want to go through. They hit rock bottom. The were basically brought to their knees and naked before their creator. I think it’s worth asking oneself if they are willing to go through that. And if not, then I think that’s your answer. just some thoughts.