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  1. @karkaore yes, we will get the experience itself, also knowable by our senses. We have to understand we are humans. By the way, thanks for the discussion
  2. @karkaore it is a “knowable” construction
  3. Me and you know a language for communication. What is this if not knowledge? Of course it exists more profound knowledge. But this is a knowledge anyway. And it is association and memory. I’m sorry to say that true
  4. @karkaore I understand your point mate, and partially agree with you. But would be impossible even to do this experiment withou know what is “thought” what is “experiment” what is “associate” and to know all those things we have fatally to associate. if you prove me a knowledge without association I will give up, otherwise seems like you are seeking to hide from reality, and you know that is not like that.
  5. @karkaore no man. All knowledge came by association, we do not create anything, just capture it by association. If we were God we would know many things we dont know. You know what a “taturana” is? No, until the moment you associate with something you know, reading the dictionary or open the google to see a picture God could know all, not we.
  6. Yes, you have the reason in this point, and I agree with you. The idea is just a representation of real apple, as well as the language is a bunch of signals which represent our experiences. But allow me to keep the point that it is a reality for all, not I create mine and you yours. This is denying reality. Otherwise how would you show me what an apple is?
  7. Just 1%? I would say if were not the idiom that you have in your mind (memorized) you wouldn’t even know this channel, right? Tell me the difference of ideas and experience?
  8. Yes, it was real to me. I couldnt get the total reality, but what I perceive was part of reality. Mother, hospital, me were manifestations from Supreme One (or God). The baggage is allowing us to chat here in English and exchange experiences.
  9. @karkaore Perfect , I partially agree with you. Many and many things happened I can’t capture, and also now, I can perceive just a tiny slot of the Full reality. This does not mean that what I perceived, even tiny, wasn’t real, right? The doctor who took me from my mother, and my mother, and the Hospital, were all real. I trust in my memory and so you do man, otherwise how would you not forget that you are talking to me? Or the English words? Or that you can talk to me? We are not an amoeba living, we have a full baggage of memories, not really true (agreed) but partially true. You agree with me? Or you think you create me?
  10. @The0Self If I belive in it and you don’t, what happen? Too much relativism for me. Truth/Reality is unchangeable, we can get more or less adequate to it.
  11. So truth = reality = Being? I believe that.
  12. Could you define truth? Because I can be misusing this word in English
  13. @Mason Riggle Everything that we can say 'exists', only 'exists' as 'my experience of it'. very good point. Totally agree. But we may reach some common truths
  14. Hmmm So the 5-MeO-DMT sounds to me a thing that exist, is very material right? and you takes to access other imaterial dimensions. Interesting, but contradictory in my humble opinion