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  1. @Mason Riggle yes I agree.
  2. @Mason Riggle just because you cannot experience it , it does not mean the soda is not there. The raw material of soda was taken from nature, some guys worked on it, a truck took it to the supermarket , you bought it and it is there. If you dont pay attention to it, will still there. The imposition of Reality is much bigger than our tiny point of focus. It is the Hollons thing. The soda is part of reality.
  3. @Regan you will do a tremendous effort to deny reality, but Its majesty will stay there, totally ignorant of you, with the insects and the root very deeply inside the ground
  4. Perfect , you see a woman sewed in half. Is that your reality? No at all. When you discover the trick, you Ohhhhh. Now you get this little portion of reality, and it is really satisfactory. All the reality is there, very objective, lets capture more and more.
  5. You are not conscious of other planets, and all of them exists. We just dont know. more reality you capture, more sage you become. If you are thinking you are imagining it, you are just denying it. We, humans, have to capture and contemplate it. Nothing else.
  6. @Inliytened1 and you are right because you have more knowledge about it. If you think it is real, and it is a trick, you could deny this part of reality and be like a children waiting for Santa Claus
  7. @Regan you just not paying attention to it. And if you go in that direction, you will bump into it.
  8. Of course it is mate. So how could we communicate now?
  9. @Regan the tree will be there, and you will have a mental dissonance. Everyone will see a tree but you, seeing a imaginary your ice cream. Lets assume we are installed in a reality that we cannot change by our imagination without actions. At least not here in this human existence
  10. @Mason Riggle yes yes perfect Our senses are able to capture reality partially (by their possibilities). OUR imagination just fill the gaps we cannot prove. I am seeing an avocado now, just one side, I cannot see the other side, but I know it is there, because of my experience. I know I bought a roundy avocado and it is there. In this life as a human, I am in a created and well stable reality and it is nice.
  11. Yes, but what I did an hour ago brought me to the now. Causes and consequences for human beings. Only in the Supreme One (God) all is there at the same time, because time does not exist in God. We are copies acting in this successive acts (time)
  12. @Regan I think is a confusion between God’s imagination and human’s imagination. We can capture a tree but not create it. And you know it. You probably dont know what a “taturana” is and there are a bunch of that in my garden. All knowledge come by association and memory, Im sorry. If you go to google or to a dictionary you will discover it, by associating.
  13. @Regan No worries mate, thank you for the little discussion and good luck
  14. @Regan If everyone take a sheet of paper, draw a square, and cut the square in the middle (through diagonals) , two triangles appear. Is that my imagination? No, it is a geometric law, reality and forms. Immutable law. In this world if we cut a square into two we got two triangles. We just get this law, we not create it. If someone get a circle please tell me. We live inside this marvelous world, but we are not creating anything from nothing, just transforming things with arms and hands.
  15. @Regan thank you for the explanation. I think it is very contradictory this relativeness of we imagined reality all the time you know? Look at our memories, it is there supporting us all the time, completing gaps that we cannot see, as the bottle that are in my room right now while I am in the kitchen. The bottle is there, and will be there, and if I die and you come here, you will find it. I know it it there by my memory and imagination, in the same way my memory and imagination is allowing me to use a language to communicate myself with you. I know you are a real guy, not my creation. The psychedelic thing is another funny thing. Why to take a very material substance if it is all imaginary?