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  1. I'm working on my life purpose but I suspect it will be 5-10 years before I can generate income to quit my job. I've noticed that I try to do the bare minimum in my 9-5 finance job because I don't want any extra responsibility at work. This preserves my time and my energy which I need to focus on my business, but it also makes me feel less confident, more guilty, and more insecure at work, because i'm not applying the higher consciousness values that i'd apply in other areas of my life, like excellence etc. Should I really apply myself in my career until I can start up my own business, or should I do the bare minimum? Or somewhere in between? I've really been trying to use my intuition on this one but i'm so unsure.
  2. At work I care what people think so much, it stresses me out so much and I feel so worried. I'm constantly scared about looking stupid and getting things wrong, and i'm also worried about being annoying other people by making mistakes and being a burden by asking stupid questions. When I introspect over the weekend, I find good techniques for overcoming this problem and not care what people think. I then go into work and not care what people think for the first hour of being in the office, but then I begin to slip back into my old thought patterns. I think because my ego doesn't want me to change, it comes up with excuses for how i'm not mentally strong enough to stop caring what people think, and it comes up with lazy interpretations to keep me in this negative cycle. In James clear’s book atomic habits, he talks about using identity to make changes. I made a change in my own life where one day I just decided that my identity was going to be a healthy person. From that day forward I got my nutrition sorted and have kept that up for 1.5 years to this day. Do you think it would be possible to do the same with not caring what people think at work? Develop an identity of someone that doesn't care what people think and then consistently think that way? (I know that it won't be 100%, i'll still get triggered because it's deeply rooted in my subconcious, but do you think that if I was able to change my identity fairly easily with nutrition, I would be able to do it with not caring what people think? thank you