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  1. If not the sub-conscious, what do you believe is the creator of our experience? What creates the dream?
  2. Your confusing the creation and the creator
  3. Amazing visuals. I would love to be able to make something like this, do you know what software was used?
  4. I had psycosis 15 years ago it was both the best and the worst experience of my life, but it made life interesting and I wouldn't mind having it again as this time the bad experiences wouldn't effect me so much as I could tell what was real and what was not.
  5. The sub-conscious is like an infinitely advanced AI computer, it's the creative force behind our realtime virtual experiences (dreams). The sub-conscious holds our memories and all the information in the universe from the beginning of time. If anything is God it's the sub-conscious not the conscious mind, the conscious mind is merely along for the ride (the observer).
  6. Jesus what have you been taking? ?
  7. Exactly. The only suffering is that of the self, and that experience is to learn from to appreciate when your not suffering.
  8. Can you provide a link to this trip report?. Also are these drugs legal in your country?. If not I wouldn't want to see you be incarcerated as then you may end up actually committing suicide. In my country possession carries a 7 year sentence, dealing carries life!
  9. Their is no way of knowing but I just don't see the point of a rock being conscious, I mean what's it got to look forward to for infinity?. Couldn't the rock be composed of subconscious energy?
  10. I believe a rock is made of consciousness, as is everything, but is not conscious, can't the same apply to apparently sentient beings.
  11. I get it now. I was brought up to believe God was seperate from myself, I know now God is Everything, and there is no seperation.
  12. I just saw the pinned article, please delete this post thanks ?
  13. Another benefit to the solisistic viewpoint is the fact there is no evil. If someone with consciousness murders someone without consciousness no one suffers and so no sin is committed. Alternitivly if someone with no consciousness murders someone with consciousness it's like being deliberately run over by a car, the car isn't evil.
  14. I actually like the idea of being the only one (I'm a bit of a loner anyways). So your telling me that when your in a lucid dream and you know everything and everyone is an illusion you won't feel happy or fulfilled?. I could stay in a lucid dream forever and I would feel extremely fulfilled.