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  1. I've found a place in presence where mind and body and concepts don't really exist, and I've gotten a lot of non dual glimpses from it. I'm currently working on getting deeper into presence with the do nothing meditation and constantly contemplating existence and reality and being present. You should check out the book No-Mind and The Book of Not Knowing, you will see progress with the practices they talk of.
  2. Anyone know anything or got resources or experience on this? I've meditated tripping on lsd before and lost sense of self, but never as much during a trip.
  3. Would you be able to elaborate or provide any references on the part about the 5 bodies within? Is it somewhat similar to an empty light feeling? I mostly have this pain within my stomach and chest, but as I stay with it, it tends to fade away and I'm just left with this emptiness but at the same time it feels like life energy.
  4. So I just got around to picking up The Power of Now for the 3rd time after a year, and got a better understanding and better messages out of it. Eckhart Tolle mentions staying within the inner body, being aware of silence and space as an entry into the Unmanifest which would apparently lead to glimpses. Has anyone tried this out and gotten somewhere? I definitely feel an extraordinary sense of stillness like a naturally meditative state, but only been doing this for a few days now.
  5. @Phyllis Wagner That's quite contradictory, how would it be finite if you're going around it forever?
  6. Would it be fair to say Enlightment is going infinitely Meta on yourself to find the infinite, or is that far-fetched?