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  1. Can't say it better than this. By psychosis I mean the state of transitioning in-between reference frames for reality.
  2. Keep going Thanks Eternity! "Head in the tigers mouth", I don't think it's even possible to resist at this point anyway.
  3. Looking for some advice on how to deal with the fear of psychosis during spiritual work. I'll try to keep it short for the sake of brevity and just describe one example: during meditation an insight came up particularly stronger than usual: "Oh I'm dead inside; there's absolutely no one home." Usually insights like this and ego loss experiences can be peaceful, profound and even euphoric, but this one shook me pretty bad. I imagined running to find help but realizing there was no direction I could go in to save myself; a family member, a therapist, a paramedic with sedative, it didn't matter. I was the final authority in existence, and I've gone insane; I could only look to myself for help, and I wasn't anywhere to be found. So where I'd like some advice: Am I maybe pushing too hard and maybe this is a sign to ease up a bit or take a break? I'm pretty much constantly digesting spiritual material 24/7 over the past 6 years; you name it I've probably read it or at least heard of it. 40 minutes minimum meditation daily; constantly thinking and contemplating this stuff like a silent mantra while I work, eat, exercise, etc. Or is this sort of intense fear just par for the course? I've pushed through plenty of fear and dysphoric ego loss experiences, but this one just felt psychotic and messy. Thanks!