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  1. Hi Nexus. Thanks for your interesting post. I would like to discuss something here which, frankly, I never see discussed when material of this nature arises. That issue is HOW does one ACTUALLY do these things, such that we are not just having a psychological-motivation discussion? Unless I can actually manifest that water bottle beside me when I want to (and I can't to date) we have an abstraction that just isn't being instantiated in my life, and presumably in the lives of others. I would very much like to express what I feel is my truest self, and indeed have declared this to the universe on many, many occasions. Yet the universe, or my godself, or me, whatever it is, remains stubbornly deaf and nothing (with demonstrable outcome) changes. One can't really be one's true natural self, for instance, if one is experiencing chronic pain or poverty. I am not saying I am experiencing those, but you get my point, I'm sure. I'm not challenging your statements. Indeed, I find it likely true that what you say may correspond closely to the "real situation" of existence. Yet, I'm done with these "limits" myself as godself has imposed on me. I've said it to myself a thousand times. Yet, makes no difference. Still no water bottles. Still no living as truest self. It doesn't "manifest". I would be most interested to hear your thoughts. Mostly, when people respond to this, the response doesn't really go anywhere though, and the reason is, that they give me rationalizations for why the water bottle (metaphorically speaking) doesn't materialize. Whereas, what I am saying is, for what you are articulating to be true, for it to be REALLY true, it also has to REALLY be true that the bottle materializes, or my life transforms without further obstructions, to an expression of what I perceive to be my true inner nature. This is exactly what doesn't happen. Without a solution to this problem, your points feel deeply theoretical only. Deep certainly....but also theoretical and not immediately amenable to demonstration so far as I can see. I hope you can feel or hear where I am coming from.