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  1. For whatever its worth, I have spend a long time learning about financial markets and practicing investing professionally and I really don't know how I would learn how to become a day trader. I think it probably is possible to figure it out but a lot of the people who report having success may very well have been gambling (most of it is gambling) and gotten lucky. If you learn how to do longer term investing, you learn more general business skills and it is a more sustainable way to make money. I generally recommend using very diversified index investing though if you aren't going to spend a lot of time focusing on it.
  2. Just some things to give you perspective: the best investors of all time generated 20-30% per year over their careers, not 400% in a single day. When you are dealing with extremely small sums of money and short term time horizon, you can maybe make more but 400% in a day seems completely absurd. think about how it would work if you work a complete scam artist. Get people to do whatever you tell them and have them send you 10% of their earnings. You could be offering completely random trading decisions, and if they happen to make money (effectively playing roulette) they give you 10% of your earnings and you did nothing except find people to sign up for your scam. If they follow your suggestions and lose money, they don't pay you anything but you don't lose anything except for your time. they will prob be mad at you but they'll go away and not be able to do anything about it.
  3. One thing I've noticed I guess, is that people can only recognize the capabilities that others possess if they possess them themselves. You may likely not even notice that they have certain wisdom or understanding that you lack, unless they directly transfer that wisdom and sense to you. Many times people are unwilling to even admit that another person transferred wisdom to them and just assume that they already understood what they were taught. the sophistication of systems thinking has not really been adequately described, but he has a very advanced understanding of how complex adaptive (evolutionary) systems work which he developed to build his business and investment strategy. I read most of his new book on the Changing World Order and thought it was very illuminating. I'm not familiar with the specific systems they've used to run their business or make investment decisions but I think he's written a bit about them. It's all very advanced for what most people are doing today and I worked in finance so I have familiarity.
  4. It's all gna be OK guys, you don't need to worry anymore
  5. Is this a state that people permanently reside in or do they tend to go in and out of it? Or is it something where over time you experience glimpses of it and it becomes more and more long lasting over time?
  6. i've seen a ton of tiktok videos where he bragged abt having his cam girls lie to their clients in order to quite literally drain their bank accounts now that he's found god, he's changing his attitude a bit about his past actions which will be interesting to watch unfold
  7. the respect/disrespect and admiration/disgust dualities are things that I'm personally trying to transcend andrew tate is operating within a primitive version of capitalism, one in which the strong exploit and extract value from the weak it was what he did to achieve financial security and excess - for many who are struggling to achieve financial security, it might be admirable, but a more enlightened version of capitalism adds value to all transactions or at least doesn't extract it
  8. Are some ppl born more wise than others? Does it come from early stage childhood development? It obviously can be acquired through experience and pain and reflection. Does having higher raw intelligence make it easier for one to become wise or is there no connection at all?
  9. Wow is this serious? the number of CEOs that fits that criteria is very small but they do exist. Capitalism is the best economic system for the US right now but it is riddled with problems and abuses and corruptions
  10. Corporations are profit optimizing machines and many will do whatever they can to use their market and political power to maximize the bottom line. to a large extent, american corporate law requires them to do that. Many corporations will cross moral boundaries to do it sometimes, but definitely some more than others, and in industries like big pharma the opportunities for fraud are so large that they tend to do it more. I'm not sure if that's been happening because of inflation the past year, its a cause of inflation, or some aspects of both. the liberals are very critical of capitalism and business, especially in today's political climate, but you can be sure that much of what they say is an exaggeration. I haven't yet figured out how valid their criticisms are but corporations will often exploit their customers and counterparties if they can.
  11. What is the right or at least a good approach and attitude to take regarding hate speech while balancing the importance of free speech? the values of american society are beginning to diverge on this issue but hate speech is generally protected speech but with a few narrow exceptions.
  12. I see the increase in transgender and non-binary identification as a symptom of failing gender norms and a weakening culture. Like with any crisis, these things can be self-reinforcing as they seem to be, but I think they're a sign that society's relationship with gender is breaking down and will have to be re-invented a degree. If you are a religious trad and have traditional gender roles then the old norms still work, but we no longer live in a world where women have to stay at home and cook and clean and produce and raise children. But the introduction of so many women into the work force introduces other unexpected imbalances and men need to find a way to adapt. the old way of doing things works for religious people but not for people who live in the secular world. Been thinking about how to explain this for a while and this is where I am now. I don't think increasing acceptance of trans issues and rights necessarily undermines our culture but it becomes a group for people to join when traditional roles no longer fit them and they don't have a better place to go.
  13. Carbon phobic maybe. Progressives aren't afraid of wealth, they mostly just indiscriminately despise it and the people that hold it. And not all progressives of course, but the more extreme ones.
  14. Its probably fair to label Jordan Peterson as transphobic as he quite literally fears the rise of the transgender moment and the effect they will have on society more broadly. But it really doesn't solve the problem very well to punish or shame people for being quite literally afraid. Fear can devolve into hatred which is even more socially dangerous but it is still more effective to understand people's harmful behaviors as a maladaptive response to fear and pain. He is so afraid and threatened that he is unable to understand why people identify as trans in a compassionate way. It is pitiful but still harmful and polarizing.
  15. I'm not so sure that he's making a calculated trade off. I think he might simply not believe in transgenderism and that it is a misdiagnosis for some other mental illness or trauma. He does not seem to even recognize that people with gender dysphoria suffer and that sex-reassignment surgery is a valid treatment for gender dysphoria. I don't think he has clearly articulated his own view on what he thinks transgenderism and gender dysphoria actually is.
  16. I'm looking to find good textbooks like reviews of the best ones or something
  17. I am curious to learn the basics of a lot of general subjects for practical purposes. I can be a nerd and sometimes like reading textbooks to get up to speed really quickly on a subject. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to pick the best one or two textbooks for a subject in a field where there are many? Also, where is the best way to get them? Online used website or maybe certain libraries or online repositories?
  18. the Master Chaos stage I think does a pretty good job of explaining coral awareness. It is a fairly new diagram from Beck's website - I think the important thing to note is the motivations are for the benefit of self and all while minimizing harm.
  19. He's effectively a climate denier I'm not saying he doesn't raise valid and important points, but he is very disingenuous in the way he communicates He also evasive and dishonest as well when he's asked about religious beliefs Globalism and environmentalism are not evil as he likes to portray them to be but they have their own blindspots and costs
  20. I don't know what his agenda is. I haven't read through the entire thread. He doesn't seem to be so interested in pursuing truth, seems mostly interested in denigrating other people or maybe trolling others on the forum. I am not sure what I would do with this kind of speech if I were running this forum. It possesses at least some element of hate and it is harmful, but it is mostly off point. At best, OP is an above average IQ nerd because a person with character wouldn't want to say these things.
  21. In my opinion it is better to label people's discrete actions or attitudes as something undesirable rather than the entire person. All, or nearly all, people are capable of change and improvement. I need to give up swearing too but it's not on the top of my priority list. I am still too frustrated and it provides stress relief and satisfaction!
  22. I think a more interesting discussion is in which ways IQ is not a good measurement of human potential or more holistic intelligence. It tells us something but it really isn't nearly as important as many people belief. It is very important for some technical fields (I guess StEM - science, tech, engineering, math) but Richard Feynmann was a groundbreaking physicist that won the Nobel Prize and only measured at about 125 IQ.
  23. Yes I do consider him to be a musical genius but he has been behaving in a very monstrous way and this isn't his first embarrassing episode. Many geniuses, but certainly not all, have mental instability. I don't think I would put him anywhere near Beethoven though. Beethoven's music is still very highly regarded 250 years after his passing. Do you think Kanye's music will be popular or resonate in the year 2300?
  24. I think eventually, and it may take a really long time, there will be enough wealth on this planet to support all humans to live minimalist lives with basic social services and not have to work. Over time the 'poverty line' will be raised though so poorer people in the future will be living much better than many today. Poverty is a social construct although suffering caused by deficiency is not.
  25. Kanye is very high consciousness in some regards but has a ton of things about him that are unintegrated, basic aspects of his ego. His instability often results in him wildly swinging from high to low aspects of consciousness. Racism and egomania and even attachment to religious dogma are clearly first tier qualities but a lot of his music is very transcendent.