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  1. Please write also a report about 5-meo
  2. I’ve been meditating since one year now and everytime i meditate i’m very sleepy after 20 minutes. It didn’t matter when i tried different daytimes. What should i do? Should i resist it? Or should i allow it? Because if i allow it, i fall asleep. But on the other hand resistance is not the goal right? Maybe i stand up after 20 minutes and move a little bit und do the next 20 minutes, but then i can’t do long sessions straight.
  3. @Leo Gura This is not a proofed argument. There are a lot more people who grew very old without meditation. Did they grow so old because they didn't meditate? No. These are observations which can not be concluded like this. You can't expect that sitting your whole life is good for your physical health. The most diseases of civilization are caused by a lack of exercise and overweight not because of stress factors. Old people for example die often of immobility. Of course stress is a risk factor but it's just ONE factor. The whole image has to be healthy: mobility, nutrition and no stress (a healthy psychology). Like Sadghuru said: "If you would meet a tiger in wilderness could you climb the tree to save yourself? No? Than you are not fit. Just to do walking a little bit has nothing to do with fitness." To pull yourself up to something should be the easiest exercise for the human body, this is nature. The human body isn't designed to sit the whole day. In addition, 90 % of the people here will be no Zen Masters. So they should strike a happy medium. @Davie If you meditate 3-4 hours per day, then you still have enough time to do strength training for an hour per day. This is quite enough to compensate the sitting. The keyword here is compensation. Then there is nothing wrong with sitting for hours.
  4. Hey, i study ethics and have to do scientific work about theories und concepts of for example good and evil. I have to keep a lot of knowledge in mind to deliver lectures at the university. Do you think this is a problem for enlightenment work or can i do both?
  5. Same problem here. The mind doesn’t come up with answers. I communicate with this silence but no answers again. But I’m definitely not enlightened.
  6. Hey, i have chronic fatigue syndrome for a long time and doctors can’t find the cause. They suspect autoimmune processes. Do you think it is possible to recover from CFS through enlightenment? Or do you think it is helpful for symptoms of fatigue to get enlightened?