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  1. @Moksha I like this explanation!
  2. @AdamR95 Can you expound upon, "You have free will in a sence if you identify yourself as god but this free will is different than what ego thinks free will is." How to even make that distinction between ego free will vs god free will. Just saying you're god / exercising god's free will seems to be an egotistical endeavor
  3. @Keyhole lovely, thanks for the input
  4. @Origins And to add to the uncanny timing, I had wanted to post on the topic on this forum for weeks and had been procrastinating. It had been stewing, and I posted when I couldnt resist scratching the itch any longer @Origins Yes, please share more!
  5. @Sempiternity Brilliant, I'll start here, thank you!
  6. @allislove amen. don't force it, let it find you. and it will
  7. I recently watched a documentary on the late Zen master Wu Bong, and in it he says, “You didn’t choose when you’d be born, and you don’t choose when you’ll die, so what makes you think you can choose what happens in your life?” And I read a quote today by Sadhguru that went, “Your life, your making. God does not interfere in it.” And in the video by Leo on self-love, he says that self love doesnt mean that you’re just totally passive - that you take care of yourself in a conscious, mindful way. Which makes me think that god is absent/hands-off most of the time, and that we are in control of our lives. Being honest here - it seems like spiritual teachers / speakers use the idea of free will willy nilly and loosely. One moment they're saying that everything is an illusion and that the body is an imagination, and the next moment saying our brains need to take care of our bodies My idea up until this point has wavered between thinking that there is no such thing as free will (even actions you think you’re doing out of your free will are being controlled) to thinking that god - the force that holds everything in perfect unity - can catch you and fill you with its presence, if it’s right, when you’re truly falling. Writing to get others’ thoughts on free will, and to see if Leo has talked about the idea more in depth in one of his videos.
  8. My suggestion is to do it outside...looking at nature and admiring its complexity will highlight how this drug can bring you closer to god