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  1. @Value They were all very different. First one was your typical flying saucer shape. It had a translusent golden body with shimmering edges. It moved through the sky with absolute grace, manouvering with a fluidity which no mechanical propulsion system ever could. Best way I could describe it would be like it was using some sort of gravitational force to move. It was just effortless, light and incredibly beautiful and completely other to human propulsion machines. It looked like some sort of spirital apparition and didn't look like a vehicle with little green men inside. This was witnessed by both me and one other friend. There is absolutely no way we could rationally explain what we had just seen. Zero. Second one was much like the one you describe. I was following what i thought was a satelite (me and my friends would often spend hours doing this, seeing shooting stars etc), but this "satellite" decided to circle round a star twice then shot off vertically into the sky and dissapeared. This was witnessed by 4 people. The last one was when me and my friend went outside my campervan for a pee at 3am when we were parked up by the coast. My friend noticed three shimmering lights in the distance. We stood looking at these lights for minutes, trying to work out what they could be. Maybe some sort of rig in the distance? We knew there weren't any rigs in that area and there was no land for there to be any type of lighthouse or anything like that. Drone? Who the heck would be flying a drone at 3am, miles off the remote west coast of Scotland? Anyway as we went through this rational process of deduction we both felt like we psychically connected with this thing and at that exact moment it started moving very slowly to our left. It kept moving at a steady pace until out of sight. This one felt more like a surveillance UFO.
  2. @kray I live in the Scottish highlands and I have personally seen 3 separate UFO’s. No light pollution and lots of time spent outdoors looking at the sky with friends. They manoeuvred in a way in which no current human tech could come close to. They are 100% real. Whether there was aliens within them is another question. I imagine there are probably people from all around the world with similar sightings and given how easily it was for me to see them imagine every government in the world has known about this phenomenon for decades given all of the surveillance they have
  3. If the mystery of the infinite Godhead could be wrapped up into a single music video, I think it would come pretty close to this. Pure unbounded love