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  1. When I first came across, it was the best tool in my life. The insights in a lot of Leo's videos were truly inspiring, and led me down my own route of personal insights, and I thank Leo and for this. Ever since then, I've tried making meditation and conscious work a key role in my life. From 2019-2021, this has helped me in miraculous ways. I guess things didn't look too good when I started getting into deep philosophical topics. At first, it was just out of curiosity, then it became a thing to apply them...this is where things took a sticky turn. Instead of studying for that class, I instead was watching videos on strange loops, how consciousness work, breaking the myth of science, etc. which in a way turned me off to my career. I paid that price, and I ended failing a lot of classes, making me stretch my college career by a year. Now I realized the danger of this work. I hadn't even started my career, and I already fucked up my prospects of getting into a FAANG company. Even my last interview, when basic Java questions were being asked, I couldn't answer them . When asked "what is it called when two methods are named the same name, but different number of parameters", I could not answer this question. I mean for fuck sakes, I used to love to code, and I was doing well in my Java classes my first two years, but I'm mad at myself for forgetting simple concepts like this. I realized that the knowledge I NEED was overwhelmed by the airy fairy knowledge that was out of my interest. I realized my mistake, I realized that to live a life of "detachment" I need attachments. This should for all of you who are just starting in their careers or in college. We are just starting our lives, and we have to live our life authentically, have those attachments in lives (money, career, hobbies) before we even think about a lot of the deep epistemic, metaphysical topics that Leo teaches us. If you are majoring in some science at college, you probably should not learn about "deconstructing the myth of science", as you should be learning "what is science". I learned that while they are not of use to me know, I still want to be open to these deep topics, but much later in my life when I have made a name for myself in my career. What I really learned from my mistakes is that life is a journey, and a journey that should be done with complete authenticity. If that means acquiring more cash, sex, cars, etc. then it means those things. The idea is that we need to come to that realization ourselves, not by some internet guru, or even a real guru. Right now, I want to make a name for myself in my career, and shine in my career. I want to make that my life purpose. My life purpose is, to put it vaguely, create a positive effect on society through the use of technology. That is my life purpose, and I will work tooth and nail, and even die for it. By all means I am not criticizing Leo what so ever, but I think I won't be watching his deeper videos, or exploring those topics, as that's something I want to do maybe 10 or 20 years from now. At the end of the day, we need to live life naturally, and if that means wanting to initially make a good career, make a stable income, and the other "stage orange" aspects, then we should let our egos chase those things. Instead of someone else telling us that those things don't buy fulfillment, we should DIRECTLY experience that for ourselves. Then we can naturally move up the spiral. At the end of the day, to move up to Tier 2, one still has to have a good foundation of Stage Orange. And for those of us that haven't even started our careers, we shouldn't even think about moving up that spiral until we ground ourselves fully in the practicalities of the real world and our careers. I do still plan on raising my awareness and consciousness through my life, making meditation, prayer, and yoga a central role of my life, but my mind has no space for conceptual spiritual/philosophical/mystical bullshit. Concept has no meaning without experience, and I am simply just starting life. PS my bad for the super long post, realized I went on a rant LOL
  2. Even though I am very skeptical about UFO encounters and appearances, I do like ponder on the idea of whether or not we are actually alone in this universe. Personally the idea that we are alone terrifies the shit out of me, but pondering on the existence of some civilizations out there give me some comfort in that it brings a greater perspective. Helps me cope with my flaws down here on earth.
  3. Definitely include intelligent extraterrestrial species
  4. Seems interesting, I'll give it a read
  5. Which of his books should I start with first (or at least what makes logical sense to start with)?
  6. @JosephKnecht What was his first book?
  7. don't...first focus on career, hobbies and ultimately life purpose. Stop finding spirituality, it will come to you when you need it the most. As a teenager, you have little to even no attachments, so you need to attachments to appreciate the "detachment" of worldy affairs. I would say wait until a time when you need that insight, and its very dependent on the individual for when that time comes. Generally, wait until around your mid 20s, and get some actual worldy experience. You shouldn't be worried about detaching from society and being a recluse, but rather actively getting involved with society. This is just my honest opinion.
  8. How did this guy go from SMOSH to this
  9. Wrong way to think. Work on yourself, and make it all about you, that’s what matters. That’s what most healthy top guys do. They aren’t thinking nor pursuing sex all the time, they have a greater purpose and work towards that. My point is that you don’t find many “top guys” sitting around eating potato chips and playing video games all day, instead they are probably in the gym pumping it out or doing other things to work on themselves.
  10. I have a technical interview coming up this Wednesday, and it’s going to be for 30 min. As a fresh grad applying for an entry level software development position, what should I expect? Since I don’t have much work experience, and only some internship experience, will they base their questions completely off of textbook topics? Is 30 min enough time to give leetcode problems? I didn’t know what to expect my first interview, and I remember being asked basic Java questions that I forgot over time ?
  11. Exactly, we should first evaluate the LOGICAL first.
  12. Yea I'm not trying to demonize or create some enemy out of Russia, but I am saying that, at least from my understanding, how the money flows in Russia (which is why its distinguished from the rest of Europe), is that a lot of investment goes into targeted government interests. I mean who sent the first man on space, who created the first rocket, who had the ability to occupy VAST land in Siberia, who created and holds the worlds most POWERFUL nuke...the Russian government. Again, no hate on Russia as a country or culture, the vast majority of Russians are like Americans and feel their government is going against there needs, but based on recent trends in action, I'm not to trust worthy of the current Russian government. I know this is off topic, but before this starts a whole wave of anti-Russian sentiment, it's not Russian people who voted this guy in. Most Russians disapprove of Putin, and want the same freedoms that America has. I'm just saying that the Russian government, the tyrants, historically, have been say, unpredictable.
  13. I guess my point, should have worded this correctly, is that when most people see UFO, we jump to aliens. I think before we make such a jump, we have to consider all possibilities here on Earth. And some possibilities might extremely radical, such as the one I pointed out, but we have consider them first before we consider "aliens". I mean can't one consider Aliens visiting earth in UFO's as a massive conspiracy, a fantasy for nerds?
  14. This isn't really news, but I doubt its aliens. It could be nefarious actors with advanced drones (aka Russia)
  15. What are people’s thoughts on jay shetty?
  16. Kendrick knows what his audience wants…man is literally the Tupac of our generation. He went from good kid maad city to this, what a transition in art!
  17. So I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and I'm used to having irregularities down there. But for some weird reason, I passed some mucus and I don't see why this happened. What I ate was: my fiber gummies in the morning (Metamucil), was on an empty stomach until 1:30 PM, and then I ate Poutine. After a while I drank a coffee, and went about three-four hours without eating. I then took an exam, three hour long final, and after I came back, I snacked on a few spicy Pringles, had two beers with my TGI Friday's meal which was hot wings and pretzels. Also drank a glass of water before leaving my room. Would this be enough to trigger my IBS?
  18. Stephen Greer is conspiratorial as fuck
  19. Can I still drink alcohol on occasion, or should I completely eradicate it from my diet? I get the worst effects when I drink beer and/or wine. Cocktails or seltzers don’t hit me hard, but it’s hit or miss for the most part.
  20. I have no idea, but definitely gotta look into that.
  21. Though not a fan, some UK drill hits as suggestion: And of course you got Grime classics: The list just goes on and on. I think the artists out of UK are going to take over rap game this decade, every US artist wants a collab.