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  1. There has to be care homes for the elderly where you live... or better yet, if you have other family members from her side to care for her, like siblings she might have? I’ve dealt with a LOT of narcissistic abuse from my mom for many years too, so I empathize so much... either you need to see improvement in her behaviour or find a way to pry yourself apart from her, seeing as she has no empathy or respect towards you ?
  2. Leo, would you say you’re genetically endowed to be more spiritually conscious? Or did you develop it more through experimentation with psychedelics? Or is it a mixture of both? You probably found what worked for you... and a major driver behind wanting enlightenment was your commitment to the search for truth, purely for it’s own sake... would you call that a spiritually guided, intuitive goal for you from the very beginning?
  3. This seems like a legit course + a good guide! Thanks for your advice & encouragement, & thank you Leo for your help with de-stigmatizing these powerful substances
  4. I know what you mean! I experienced some traumatic events right at the cusp of adolescence (12-ish) and I know why it was triggered. Problem is, any form of cruelty triggers it now, especially if the cruelty is directed at me personally, even if it’s imagined and not real — I’m having a hard time fully embracing the “Love awakening” Leo’s talked about so exquisitely in his video series on Love... I intuit that fully experiencing this part of the spiritual journey and sensing love deeply within myself (and therefore in others) would help. Thanks for the clarification! I studied psychology so I understand what you mean by predispositions — not everyone predisposed to a mental illness will develop it. Sadly I couldn’t work around that as I was still so young & the trauma I experienced was persistent since it was inflicted by a close family member ? (not sexual assault, btw — a lot of people may assume that cause I’m female. tmi alert — it’s more like sexual defilement with derogatory words, with dehumanizing behaviour & sabotaging all my relationships, controlling behaviour, etc. I know where this person was coming from and I’ve forgiven them... but I’ll never tolerate sexist or cruel or discriminatory behaviour again... the issue is conflated cause I’m from a minority group — I’m Turkish btw — & have never experienced a true sense of belonging in Canada even after living here for so long, aside from having a few good friends who coincidentally, helped me work through my trauma ?) I’m waaay better now than I used to be, but I suspect the love awakening can be great for healing ? as well as leaning deep into creativity ?
  5. Thanks for all your advice! I’ll def look into getting a trip sitter if I ever do begin experimenting!
  6. Thanks guys! Are any or all of these psychedelics safe for people with chronic depression? The thing holding me back from investing in experimenting with psychedelics is my worry that they’ll trigger a depressive episode. Or am I thinking in reverse — much like how psychedelics can help with addictions to even hardcore drugs like heroin, are basically naturally occurring neurotransmitters and have zero potential for dependency or addiction... could they prove effective in helping me cope with depression? I’ve tried many things to help with depression but I think it’s genetic — almost all of my family members are depressed. I can only alleviate it, not permanently remove it. I’m mostly at peace and am highly spiritual in nature, though, if that makes a difference. Do you know of any intro psychedelics that are particularly helpful for someone struggling with a mental health condition?
  7. I’ve never tried psychedelics before. Should I try 5-Meo DMT as my first or would you recommend something less powerful to ease into it first?