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  1. I found a cool journal entry. ---------- Prefacing this with the fact that strategy is not going to be a point at all in this journal simply because it’s just so obvious, if you don’t know that “winning”, “strategy”, “planning” and other vital things are important for war, war probably isn’t for you. Try bingo instead. C - Clear P - Precise A - Accurate O - Objectives C - Compatibility C - Context T - Time and Timing (they’re different to one another) PI - Prudent Intuition T - Trust Here are some examples of their meanings - improve the definition and elaboration of these overtime: The goal is to save humanity. Earth will continue to live on, with or without us. Humans will become an intergalactic civilization. We will go to mars. We will see the stars dying. The question is whether we will save our humanity or not. I believe it needs to be saved. I am striking from many different directions at the same time. They won't know what hit them. They are simply not going to have time to respond. I am going to use my youtube channel to educate people. I am going to use my gallery exhibition to formally surrender my self to the revolution , i am going to give the speech of my lifetime. I am going to light the fire of my countrymen. I am going to give this country the leader it deserves (don't worry it's not me) . I am going to cause the biggest voter turnout in the history of Bulgaria. And more aand more... will update
  2. I am sorry but... this is being written in a very.. emotional state of conciousness. jesus crist...jesus christ i can't believe this. I only decided to devote myself to this 5 or 6 days ago, i dont even remember. I've lost every concept of time. fuck... I only started so recently, yet.. EVERYTHING FUCKING CHANGED..FUCK. it changed so fast. its like the whole fucking world is with me. I fucking feel it. I am not doing anything. It's happening by itself. 50-50. Perfect dance. Perfect duality. Perfect division. Perfect Unity. Perfect chaos. Perfect order. fuck.... its so beautiful... i wishh... i wishh you could all see what i've seen this last 3 months. This last 3 weeks. These last 6 days. I fucking cant believe it...yet I know it's real. I... broke up with a girl I was hurting by just being myself. I had the best yoga sessions...EVER...EVER. I am living between death and life... I am having random (but not really random) hits of 5-meo-dmt produced either by sittuations and people or by me whenever I want. I felt deep love and connection. Connection that i've never felt before. IAND NOT ONLY WITH ONE WOMAN. BUT WITH TWO???WTF . I felt like a man with both of them. AND I HAVEN'T EVEN KISSED THEM OR ANYTHING. I've slept with both of them. I hugged both of them. I felt both of them. I see myself in both of them. She is the most beautiful woman . She is perfection. The way she smiles. The way the moves. They way she talks to people. They way she understands me . I don't even need to speak with her. She fucking understands my eyes. She understands my breath , i am telling you. She has spent much time with me, yet she trusted me enough to sleep with me. I don't need to have sex with her. Her every touch is much more orgasmic than any sex i've had in my life. Her smell. Her smile. ... her smile. She is completely covered in tattoos . She has no visible tattoos. She is as tall as me. She is a little kitten that barely reaches my neck when she hugs me. She has her own business. She left her dead end job a month ago. She has such a sweet mask, always showing love and kindness . She has such a tough guy mask, resting bitch face , yet filled with love. She goes to psychedelics trance parties and has taken countless psychadelics . She does yoga and psychadelics aren't important for her. She has put up some huge ass walls. She has a wall than can rival the great wall of china. Too bad I know exactly how to bust through those walls. She scares weak men. She scares weak men. She is actively being pursued and rejecting countless men. She is actively being pursued and rejecting countless men. I didn't try to pick up either of them. I didn't try anything . I just was... and yet ... you should have seen her. holy mother of duality. damn -- I found actual fucking brothers? People that are different than me , in their own perfect way, yet they still say they AND MEAN that they will die for me? HOW MANY MEN CAN SAY THAT? I HAVE PEOPLE THAT I ABSOLUTELY TRUST WITH MY ENTIRE FIBER OF BEING. AND I WOULD WILINGLY DIE TO PROTECT THEM OR THEIR IDEAS. I discovered what trust is. And its perfect. I found God. Every religion is with me. Every good thing is with me. I am buddha. I am Alah. I am Jesus. I Alan Watts. I am Leo. I am Vasil Levski. I am Leonidas. I am Alexander the great. I am the countless prophets that came and went. I am Judas. I am the romans who killed me. I am the bystander who did nothing while we murdered the son of God. I am the terrorist who killed the 51 innocent muslim souls in New Zealand. I am the little child that was raped by his father. I am the pedophile, who's confused and is looking for a way out. I am evil. I am the 1% of the 1%. I am pure darkness. I am pure white. I am the ethiopian girl who is starving to death right now. I am the woman who had to make an abortion. I am the child that was aborted, taken away before even having the chance to shine it's beautiful light into this dark world. I am the Son. I am the Father. I am the spirit. Peace, i'll come back later.
  3. I hope you realize someday what your words meant and will forever mean for me. ...fuck fuck...thank you. i love you. you are an amazing being...fuck we are all so amazing man.... fucking thank you so much. fuck
  4. Not only dangerous but LOTS OF FUN! you should try it. Thank you. Thank you so much. Strength and honor.
  5. Ortodox Christianity is not to blame at all for the situation right now. Without Christianity I wouldn't exist. Without Christianity none of the Balkan countries would exist. (i am not saying they are not corrupt as fuck. ofcourse they are,but when they see the people have woken up they will support us. Those who are smart atleast... the other ones will burn alond with every other corrupt institution . There probably will be another great schism . ) We are all heros in this reality. Every single one of us. Most of us don't realize it until its too late, some don't realize it at all. If you are reading this right now, i GUARAN-FUCKIN-TEE that you are a here like us. like me. Realise. You're it. Reality is not religion. Reality is not a dream. Reality is not a simulation. Reality is not a lie. Reality is... *singing bowl sound* Re-read my posts Preety_India. You skimmed through them...come on be honest. If you actually care, read my thoughts again. My thougts deserve respect. Please do not lie. "I finished reading all of your posts. " Did you? Did you really? I don't care about money. My brothers don't care about money. Yet we are going to make Bulgaria one of the richest countries in the world. Spend a day researching if you actually care. (or wait for my post here , I'll make a compilation of some blatant examples of corruption in our country. ) i am doing all of this. I didn't think about this. Do you really think there is someone who would help us? I don't know. I don't trust anyone blindly. I kinda trust you because its you. i've seen the way you write, you care. I don't know ... who am I to turn away help. Please , please , i beg you, give me some examples of truly free international media. Please. If this is true, this is going to help us... SO MUCH. Oh, people will know. People will not be indorenate or propagandized . They will have the to make up their own mind. Maybe for the first time truly. I am. I will. There is no other option. I won't accept failure . This is my reality. I am God. This is happening.
  6. "I won't stop till I reach Christ Conscious " - won't stop. can't stop. gamestop.
  7. Hahah. I am seriously actively trying not to. (does having multiple beautiful amazing smart conscious women as my lovers make me a cult leader? ) -The central value is "liberty or death" Simple. To the point. Speaks to everyone. LITERALLY EVERYONE WANTS IT. destroying the mafia is our main singular undisbutable goal. they will leave our country. the people want blood. I am seriously trying to stop that from happening. I will figure out a way to save the life of some of the mafia people. But probably some of them will end up dead anyways (and I really cannot blame them. In this life you get what you deserve. ) -I have a really strong bond with some of them. Its so good. Especially with one guy ( a dude I met at a party 6 months ago. We hadn't spoken since. I told him to come to my appartment 3 days ago...He is...special. ) ps: i am not only creating one group, but multiple. my main group will be made up of leaders . they will each have their own group in every city .
  8. if you read my journal you can piece it together. hmmm. loaded question. Have thought about this for a long time and I have talked about this in person. Writing it down will be uncomfortable... lets go. 1) Decriminalization of psychadelics. I dont think i need to explain myself much here. but in short -huge contributor in the brain drain issue in my country -the people who are getting criminalized are people like me... artists, students, hard working men and women, the quality people of this country. (meanwhile the fucking cunts who rape and kill FUCKING JOURNALISTS GO AWAY FREE...fuck this anyway ) -will lead to legalization , which will be incredibly beneficial for the country in countless ways . Including but not limited to : huge source of untapped income, concioucness growth, immidiate level up in spiral dynamics for the country. -can def think of more, but not that important right now. 2)Educational reform -send teachers in exchange trips around the world, payed by the government ofcourse. Those teachers will have to really deserve this oppurtunity. Only real teachers. As a goal they will have to educate themselves on how the different educational systems work. After some months there they will help with the educational reformation of the country. We will ''steal'' their best ideas and the things that work briliantly and cast aside anything thats rotten. -Books. Its INCONCIEVABLE the fact that our history books change each year. Its fucked up beyond any level that they are actively changing our history to make our people EVEN MORE fucking compliant. We will create a comitee made up of the best historians in the country. They will be asssisted by passionate proffesional and semi-proffesional historians from all around the world. Together they will create the country's national history curriculum . Truth shall shine. Our children will be educated . Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. --and more... this shit cannot be explained in just one post. This is an endeavor that will take days, weeks, months.-- anyway lets name some more. 3)Economical reform. (hint: involves crypto) 4) Food reform -ban all substances that we know are unhealthy , by facts -promote self sustainability . (for example give grants to people that have their own gardens and stuff. ) 5) Save our villages. - promote village tourism or some shit like that. -you homeless bruh? The state will provide you with a free house and a new life in a village of your choice. 6) Exploit our land conciously - no mining, no harming the earth in ANY way. -create beautiful hotels, eco villages, or whatever the fuck you want to create around the country. (they must not hard the nature around them in ANY way. They should add to the beauty of the place. For example hobbit like clay houses in the mountains or some sit like that 7) active society. - organize facebook groups cleaning up the city group, debate group, spiritual talk group, item share group. 8) Political reform -livestream each parliament session. I care about your privacy. I care like crazy. But... if your words will have an effect OUR society? You should be able to stand behind them with honor. - fuck the president. Find a true leader for the nation ( I found him 3 days ago ) Show him to the world. Test him hard. Let the world ask him questions . If he pulls through the harsh judgement of the society. He will be chosen . -internet democracy. -> one good thing from trump (and there are lots) ? Twitter. The president will have to publicly upload a facebook post or whatever each week . In this post he will explain what was his main focus for this week . What did he and his cabinet accomplish this week? How did he use the money of the people? 9) ART. Art is so much more valuable than ANY ammount of money. A good painting is worth multiple times it's weight in gold. Don't believe me? Tell me how much money do you think "The Last Supper" is worth? hmmm 10)gather smart open minded people from all walks of life and points of view. have them gather and sit at my home. we will play pretend that we are politicians and explore different ideas and values in depth. First episode: exploring the idea of free speech anyway enough. This will be thought over and over and I have way too many ideas to write them down right now. Tune in my journal if you actually care. this question will be explored A LOT. -
  9. I know. You will aswell. (wait... i am know you already have. ) namaste.
  10. the leeches have no place here. Only warriors. Elections are on 4th of april. I need the circle to hold atleast until then. Noone said it will be broken up after. I already have people and my people are growing each day. "How do I keep it from degrading and breaking up?" - this was my question. i am not sure i understand you
  11. The purpose of this circle is to 1) Inspire my fellow countrymen to fight for their freedom 2) finally destroy the mafia that runs my country. 3) Herald a completely new system of governance @Preety_India
  12. I need the circle to be as strong as possible. It's going to be made up of men. (although It's going to be open to women that prove themselves . They need to have a lot of manly qualities ) I need this circle to be strong. Unbroken. We are going to have one strong common value. How do I keep it from degrading and breaking up? (its going to break up in the future, but I need it to survive atleast for 3 months )
  13. Sacrifices have to be made. I am sacrificing a lot to make this dream a reality. I am sacrificing myself. Another sacrifice I am making is I won't do any psychedelics' until they have been decriminalized . There are multiple reasons for this decision. First and foremost , I dont feel like I need them. Breath is my drug (no i shit you not, I can activate a 5-meo-dmt like experience whenever I want. Fuck it. I'll do it now. sec) cool another reason is. I need credibility. I need people to take me seriously. I feel like by doing this i will get that cred bruh. another reason is to show my commitment to this. It's not acceptable that the young people in my country go to jail for 4-5 grams of fucking marijuana, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME ACCROSS THE POND ALMOST ALL OF THE USA HAVE NOT ONLY DECRIMINALIZED IT BUT LEGALIZED IT ALSO. FUCK THIS. they are killing our children. they are killing our future. fucking cunts. another reason is. I need to be fully focused. Yeah I love...i absolutely love smoking weed. Its perhaps my favorite psychedelic. but... i need to be at maximum capacity if this is going to happen. and weed kinda...slows things down. Its perfect, dont get me wrong. But not for now. another reason is. The cops(the mafia) will try to find a way to fuck me . Lets not make it easy on them huh? ( its a shame... I had dreams of inviting people over, sharing my 5-meo-dmt freely with them. help people with different psychadelics . I have to sacrifice that dream now... maybe after its legalized? haha)
  14. Life is an exception to the normal state of being. We come from nothing, become something and back in to nothingness we go . We are all on a one way trip to the same destination . Always remind yourself you can die at any moment, this way you can truly live. Memento mori. --i welcome death. A death in the service of freedom and truth is a beautiful death. On the day of my death my ancestors will smile down upon me with pride. The hero that goes to Valhalla does not lament death. I shall not enter Odin's hall with fear. sυστεροφημία . --