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  1. Which of the above roles have to engage in teaching and academic curriculum ? Are there roles where only research , r&d activities , management, fundings etc are required ?
  2. Yes . But wanted a practical step by step guidance and also someone who can clear my doubts.
  3. Any good online free resources of manifestation techniques ?
  4. But what if during certain times , during some decisions-making , there is no intuitive guidance , no clear "own voice"?
  5. I tried this. Its good . Thanks
  6. @sda Will writing books fetch me good income to cover living and other expenses ?
  7. Anybody with research as their ideal medium for their life purpose ? Please share how have you started with it in ur career field ?
  8. What are the ways to do impactful research and development in a field apart from getting into academic PhD ?
  9. @Yarco Can writing blogs , books enable us to have good income as well ?
  10. @Hello from Russia I guess a business idea can also be ideal medium ?
  11. I like ur point of refusal to take responsibility in life. Is life purpose always linked to karmic debts , spiritual lessons ? What about cricketers , politicians ? What are their debts, lessons ?
  12. Yes def . Thank you so much
  13. Any good online free resources/youtubers where they teach yoga asanas based on chakras , for each chakra enhancement ?
  14. Thanks , I will def try that and post here. But really , is there any other alternative to eat-work/hobbies-family/friends-sleep cycle ?
  15. Actually there are 2 types of escapisms - one which is due to fear, to stay in comfort and other which comes out of everything feeling meaningless ,nothing worth to do the work