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  1. Fascinating stuff. Love discovering music like this. Just shows how rebellion is rooted in musical history.
  2. Thanks for these docs. Will be going through them this week.
  3. Also Oasis offered a kind of hope and glory to the working classes. The Smiths would complain and moan, while Oasis would cherish and wear their roots as a kind of badge of honour.
  4. Loving these tracks and you insight into some of these genres or scenes. Your description of UK 90's culture is spot on. I guess rave culture was a kind of way of being subversive and rebellious at the time. After punk and the 80s that was much needed. In 90s US it was Hip Hop, in the UK it was dance culture and Es.
  5. JP will always be relevant. Free speech, helping men be men etc etc etc. He is actually a rare kind. Oh and he cries a lot too
  6. Thanks for this. Really liking their stuff. They have a new fan.