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  1. yeah, I don't know how exactly it works. All magics can be bullshit. But this question contains a lot of assumption as well isn't it?
  2. Eastern countries have the saying of cultivating accomplishments in previous lives.
  3. Maybe it's some childhood experiences there're hiding, or it's some other Fear is projecting. Many people don't fear Lighting and thunder. and this fear can be created.
  4. This is true progress. You understand this. You know and Can express yourself, you understand how you feel, You know how things happened and is happening. These consciousness are fundamental and important in real. Hate them as deeply angry as you deeply want, grab the art/music/works that are your kind and type. and Lucid dream is something completely in your command. My teacher and his master cured many people who have cancer with qigong. It's one of the spiritual techniques called Wuji Zhuang. The practice is all done by patients themselves. I believe you right here and now are forever FULL OF HOPE.
  5. Oh It's okay now. Thank you for listening to me. There's really little original voices on these topics/expressions about the east in western countries.
  6. He may also can be referred to as F on occasion. That coldness is foreign to me. Many of their episodes move people from a really unnecessary point & the way they talked about art and films. That is a very immersive experience in qualia. PS: This is not true LOL?!!!
  7. This model appears to be quite divisive. and I think Leo is a very emotional and sensitive person.
  8. @MarkKol @Leo Gura mmmm Honestly as a Chinese person who lived in China since childhood. When I heard Leo talking about "shitting in the mall" I feel that's a genuinely very low quality example. Nonetheless, it's happening in one high conscious education source. It happening on one high conscious source. It was really sad. The odds of such a thing happening are as slim as a nuclear weapon landing in a country, but some media outlets only interested in picking on it. China's shady media will also use an extreme instance and one or two lunatics to stigmatize America. When it comes to truly understanding the people of a country, these informations are ..... so mindless.。。。
  9. @Someone here my love... this is so biased. Please read yourself. If one wants to leave but others force them to stay It might only get more sad and angry. If you have some serious emotional problem and reach out to some guru they speak down to you from an absolute perspective. How do you feel? Leo has spent an incalculable amount of time using the most concise language for people who don't understand, descending to their level of understanding and perspective, bit by bit to get you to the level of understanding you are now. Please understand your suicidal friends and treat them more Equally. Their thoughts are no different than your relative reasoning. Simply obstructing suicide is not the real aim.
  10. Maybe I didn't get the idea was got by others? I don't know why everyone was discouraging this. I feel all the knowledge out in the world is already like a map without routes. Many things/directions have been promised. but no matter how correct they are. You don't know what you gonna get unless you reached the destination.
  11. Respect for Leo. Your work impacted my life goes so solidly like the parents of my second birth. The most important tools I use now to see and explore the world and the qualities I'm still developing all come from you. I really could not define who are my 'parent' really. So Thank you. Happy birth to the day.
  12. @Someone here What are you talking about. I pointed out the fact that we have a choice relatively speaking. and it's NOT GOOD to force one who has a suicide tendency to live and tell them they have no choice, most of all it's not true. Because the truth is reality is free to do anything including suicide. - _ - Why you're saying "Death is no joke" ? You understand the truth of death? I understand nothing about death really except different versions of concepts of it. Whether you know it or not it shouldn't be scary either.
  13. This thought is good. Brings back sense of integrity in heart. No. This not true. We have options. We don't have to clinging to this sense of living. Die into the unknown or live to find out all the wisdom of myself.
  14. POETIC - METAPHOR. loosely freely. from Blog Video All Understanding Is Metaphoric & All Understanding Is Metaphoric - Part 2 - This one happened in the forum. The biggest responsibility in life is ....? As I'm scrolling down through all the richful answers. I saw Leo, : TRUTH
  15. @FlyingLotus Honestly the first time I saw your avatar I was amazed. I think the dragon in the background is very similar to Leo. His shapes, beard, slenderness, nose impression, lively and animated personality_i usually feel this when following Leo's ideas, cuteness, non-aggressive shoulder and long body part. It's very funny because The usage in the movie of this dragon is almost exactly the same as what Leo's work represents(from a fairy tale POV). Makes the image in my mind really wonderful and interesting. I love your avatar's temperament. Btw I used to see Leo taking out a drinking glass as an example of something. At that moment I assure that this glass is a thing very familiar, but don't know what. After a while I realized. The shape of the cup body and curve features is the same as the shape of Leo's finger. So one bought themselves items are the same structure or style as their body part. It's really interesting but this is just my personal perspective. Lol I'll draw Leo in the future to see how it works.
  16. this author has already responded to this old claim and his original intention of it. he has a frustration inside for the meaning of Art. and consciously this is not the attitude of studying anything but struggle and inner fight. if you keep ignoring these attitudes. People can yell and swear at each other but when someone tells them to stop? they said it was a Conversation.
  17. Honestly, I didn't care about the whole thing. Whether is this author's opinion or my writings on this post. This kind of awareness and topic is way too limited. Only one sight you know what they're missing. HE MISSED REALITY IS NONE PHYSICAL AND ALL THE CRAPS TAKES EQUAL THINGS TO DO IT. That's why one so-called "Geniuses" is usually all-around and achieves in multiple fields. But I personally hate when someone who doesn't actually understand art and strongly spreading their egos. So I said this. People who understand spirituality will know this. And let's say. Nikola Tesla, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Richard Feynman These "Scientists" be known as using lucid dreams to finish their works and copy the result straight to reality. How do you know about this? "emotional""intuitive""logical""rational""scientific" blablablah You think there is some kind of standard to define whatever you want with art and science. You Don't know what you doing. Leo has many many materials talked about "Consciousness/Reality", People who understood this will not make such statement. That argue about intuition and distinctions is just an example that I made up to imitate the same mindset of this author's [old] opinion to help you understand what this post actually looks like. the content can be replaced with Cthulhu and Spaghetti. I dont care what I said. but you clearly helped me explain the structure do you.
  18. "Artists aren't as impactful as engineers, People don't care about Art" is what you do when you want to progress your skills and make discernment and distinctions? Or just making formal judgments and assumptions about it? Look at this author‘s opinions in this post I don't really wanna quote them. It speaks shit about artists with a shallow understanding of Art. You call this discerning and making distinctions? let see. what do you think of "Discernment and distinctions aren't as impactful as Instinctive feelings and talent, People don't care about discernment and distinctions, because world isn't made by rationality and truth is not in human brain. These just empty thinking in mind but talent comes from God." This is No judging?
  19. Do Not judge Art and artists if you can Not do a good one: Because you dont have the 「Ability」 to understand what art is And Dont know what it needs to actually do "Art". This quality you use to compare ART and SCIENCE is all done by your imagination.
  20. I don't know if he's happy. but his mental outlook looks Very Tired. Little bit worried about his health.
  21. All my higher education comes from this teacher, even if I only learned a tiny portion from him for now. My life and relationships with people are doing better than ever.