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  1. @tuku747 WHOA.!!!!!!!!!This is awesome. 💛💛💛 Thank you for telling me there are a lot of things happening when we love!!!!! I once listened to one powerful song. It triggers massive great beautiful feelings. The bright, the hope, the clean, happiness, lightness, joyfulness, and the fulfillment. It's the most beautiful feeling I've had in my whole life. And when I look at the Sun. Somehow I recognized the exact same feeling!!! SO AWESOME. I thought about more of the special experience. The human creations. Beauty and art can provide the power of love in the same way. 😲✨Whoa. !!!!!! I have never tried to explicate those from the perspective of "Love". I've had some crazy good experiences with music. and not enough to explain it. The song I mentioned is called 'GOLD' : https://oursmusic.bandcamp.com/track/gold and I drew a portrait after feeling it. My friend said it's like looking at the sun as well. I'm so happy because it is what I've experienced before!!!
  2. I don't feel the will of disconnection in his normal teachings. Only sometimes they gets tired and says a few lossy sentences, It's only in the last 20mins in the range of 2~3 hour-long speaking in some episodes. It's understandable. 🤷‍♂️But it will feel little sting if you see them as if it's your parent or the one and only - the biggest source of love.
  3. Mmmm. Sorry for making you uncomfortable. I checked the dictionary before, and it shows the explanation I want to point out, with some sentence examples. I thought it was already fine. I'll use "caress" to refer to it.
  4. I discovered a new album which I really like. Not quite Nihilistic but it's a really motivational spirituality theme album. With dream-like and epic rock style. https://open.spotify.com/album/2MkwBr2y7KxWsLVnbsRunr?si=0uKBTx1vSDmqBOqyK-8yxg By LES FRICTION band. Highly recommend it.
  5. @AtheisticNonduality Thank you !!!!!!!!!!! Lol ♥ (●´ω` ●)~♪ @thisintegrated why? (●゚ω゚●) @spiritual memes Thank you!🖤 @Nilsi Thanks💛 @Osaid Ooh so many to listen to. Thank you for sharing these!!!!!(゚▽゚)/(゚▽゚)/(゚▽゚)/
  6. @Nilsi Thank you. (●゚ω゚●) @ZzzleepingBear Thank you for sharing. & I have the same thought~ @AtheisticNonduality 💛HAHA this is intense.
  7. I'm really interested in this type of thread. Please share more of the thing what you guys personally love.
  8. Purely aesthetical conscious. Alberto Mielgo • Jibaro[2022] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt20239442/?ref_=ttep_ep9 • the Witness[2019] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9788486/ • The Windshield Wiper[2022] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8MQl7vCkMQ Robert Valley • Zima Blue[2019] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9788510/?ref_=ttep_ep14 • Pear Cider and Cigarettes[2017] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJN3Qnah2ts
  9. @Vision No, these are useless to anyone. Try to find something else.
  10. You can search the Wujizhuang (not boxing) in martial arts, and Thanissaro Bhikkhu‘s Samadhi materials. This is an art aimed at relaxation until you feel that your spine has been ripped open layer by layer, something on your head hangs your whole body. Until you can't feel your body. And there is NO SOUND when you walk or pick up/put things down. You can search the materials of the Wujizhuang or Samadhi. This is the best relaxing wisdom you can find. ??
  11. @Thought Art Thank you So Much!!!!!!!!!! I'll remind myself to open up to wider spectrum of emotions. "Timeless nature" are ticks so well. I haven't considered this yet. This upgrades my perspective on "memories". Less despair, more initiative. Thank you for the book recommendation. Right now I'm meditating, cultivating dreams and a little bit of Wujizhuang. But it's more about psychoanalysis, these thinking level things. Trying to use vocabulary to label repressed intentions, feelings, thoughts to understand oneself better and the phenomena they encounter. It's more psychoanalysis, it's a bias with fear. Because it can effectively change my thinking and understanding. Most of my trauma is caused by language, verbal violence, and relationships with elders, I feel more secure relying on analysis. Things like meditation are more abstract and inexplicable. (but I do love, respect, and value the insights it brings) But unless I understand them with words and fit them into the belief system. I feel that I can't maintain the results of meditation. This feeling is a little insecure. I want to move into and explore the martial art fields. But this fear tied me up that I can not move. Do you know how to deal with this, or may I know what's your thought on this phenomena?
  12. @Thought Art “Emotional trauma is stored in the body.” Is healing necessarily painful? Every time I do healing work, old memories will come out, especially when I pay attention to somewhere strange body sensations of mine. The memories that were almost impossible to recall came back and make me cry the same as 10 years ago. Every air and atmosphere, the body reacts as if in that 'same moment'. Can the painful memory be dug, discovered with a smile and comfort?
  13. @TurquoiseAngel You don't say:"Dude, I can smell that Heitler is wrong./ Eww This worldview is nonsense./ Self doesn't exist/ 'Harry Potter' has biases. So Why waste the time to studying it? I love different reasoning Models/Structures/Logics/... even if their perspectives are limited. To be Honest. Jordan Peterson has a lot more integrity than many ones who brought into the 'right perspective' in the first place. His temperament is good and contains great aesthetic qualities. Why don't wanna study/be curious about people like this?
  14. Cool. Just words. Nothing&something. Moving or stay the same. Devil or god. Pick one you like and play.
  15. DAMN. I LOVE Dark things. There are so many artworks and creative things that are DARK. Dark with Warmth, and Love. I didn't find the reason why myself feel this way yet. But I just love it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a saying like:"God is omnipotent and does nothing, While the devil is full of evil, diligent and courage./上帝万能游手无为, 魔鬼万恶鞠躬勇为。" Some people feel to be evil means against the conventions/breaking the rules.
  16. It's okay. Between People, This is the difference of context. It depends on how old you are in your generation, the environment you've set as reality, and the extent to which you explore the world. If you said one word in your anima context, The fantasy world of yours. Such as Black long straight/AU/哲♂学/... These simple words. Your mom won't understand it either. From ancient times through modern society, and then to the new era. The cognitive gap between people and the cost of understanding grows inexorably as time passes. In the past, we’re all living in the same “space”, caring about almost the SAME THING. Everything in the context that people use is not much of a big different. Through the development of technology. The world is seen through the eyes of the younger generation in a very different way. The virtual world. The Internet becomes global. People’s imagination has become stronger ever since. Young people are more focused on fantasy culture/subculture/online things rather than things in real life. This is what they’re most focused on compared to the last generation. As if we're living in the different world. There’s a scene in “Sherlock”. Mister Holmes was lying on the couch. He questioned his assistant suspiciously: "What? the earth revolves around the sun?" He has no other knowledge of geography, yet he is a genius beyond the reach of ordinary people in the context of his be loved field. Only the different of contexts. Different perspectives. Some got held more by others as a convention. Some are not. If you wanna know other perspectives. You go learn it. Be conscious of what’s happening. These things are not inherently the truth you need to carry. Some new words? You just dont know. Be conscious not to buy into explanations. Don't blame yourself for not fitting in the conventions. Notice yourself don’t even actually know what the word “interpret” is. But peoples act as they do. What is a “Power plant”? God or nothing? The one you want to conform with doesn't have the truth. You don’t know what is a power plant. Not even “Power” or “plant”. There's no absolute answer for you to align. This is what truly authentic.
  17. I‘m curious. Does this experience make any changes in your life? Like when seeing "xxx" and you have special power suddenly. Can you relate it to anything in life? I Wish you good news.
  18. One Bilibili source: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Ct4y1k7p4?spm_id_from=333.337.search-card.all.click&vd_source=ccdb5218de778f8c336cf85ccee01f76
  19. I'm proud of The whole "Epistemology - How The Mind works" works. Every school should teach this from primary school. If one individual don't have this kind of conscious there will be No way to communicate anything at all.
  20. Album 'New Age Heroine' By band 'OURS' One truly powerful record. I first met it at age 17. Before, I have never experienced this kind of Love in my life EVER. Recommend the work 'My love' & 'Made to love' in it. and 'God only wants you' from another album of them.