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  1. Hiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~ I'm one non-binary. & This is how I draw myselfffffffff HA!!!!! GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGGAGAGAGAGGAGAGAGAGAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. @Sincerity You look soo young??!!! how old are you???
  3. @Leo Gura This sounds like a very new position in development work. When a child finds a new piece of glass🐚🪨🍁🍂🍀☘️🕸🕷🐞 in the mud they get amazed by it. But the elders are indifferent to that. And always see that as childish, boring and needs to be developed, even get annoyed by it. I don’t know what makes you perceive in this way.
  4. I love how you say so. and I like your avatar. FEELS THE SOUND IS SO CUTE WHEN YOU SPEAKING
  5. I want to hug you if I'm there. Some open-minded loving friends could lift you up so high Journaling by using the voice recorder. Add anything you love to it. Just you feeling your voice with the surroundings. DAYONE is the best journaling app I've ever used. I use it every day since 4 years ago. feeling too good never stopped. Expressing yourself. Especially describing your feelings and your desires to the ones that will care and respond to you. I've built deep bound with my friends when I'm doing this. I had so much fun. And brings people who used to be indifferent closer. By take action after studying Leo's "Practice Love" education video. You will understand how to do it in that video. Keep interacting and expressing your feelings and thoughts. Experience the connection you build with people. Find people that care for you, 'Love' you and just spend more time with them. A psychologist with the temperament / style you like will help you see more of yourself. I hope this help. This episode is the MOST PRACTICAL thing in my whole life. I instantly grasped it and started doing it. I like you so I hope you are fine. (゚▽゚)/💛✨ 加油!
  6. I like you the second time I read your posts. That's the time I get a recognition sense of your talking style. I love how you always use images to add feelings to your meanings. Probably the only one here I see who use image. You have visual appreciation & emotional connection with those things, which I find you funny and appreciate you. So I followed you. I tell my friend that I recognized one personality that I really like in the english context for the first time (eng is not my mother tongue). I will definitely be friends with you in reality. Even though reading your posts I feel some opinions are too biased or intense for me. But Your personality is so strong. I don't give a fuck abt what psychologists say or any other definitions, you are interesting and I like your style. I love if you being yourself.
  7. HA !!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SO GOOD.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS UNDERSTANDING!!!!!!!(゚▽゚)/♥️
  8. 🌸😭😭😭😭😭🍃🌿🌱🌲🌲🌲🌲🌸🌟💛😭✨☹️MY GIRL. This sounds sooo00000gOOOOOOOD. I feel the clean and pure blue sky while I'm looking out from your van, I saw limpid green coloured trees flying through the side. The smell of clean cold air and shiny pump feeling arise from my stomach. This feels so good. And NOTHING like what you describe your boyfriend's situation. You can be so happy. Your life can be so good.
  9. I love this poetic expression. AAAAAHHHHhhhhhhhh LOV IT!!!!!!
  10. @Kimka Even just through reading this I feel SICK. Do you have anything that you wish to achieve? I will not let people who act like this interrupt my life plan, take up my time and the things I love. They do not hurt my values. You can feel that too. This shit person can no longer help you developing yourself anymore. Even you follow a great master it's still so hard to get progress. Don't fool yourself. Now his shit just dragging you down.
  11. FUCK. leave him (my instant reaction to reading this) this helps yourself. 😭
  12. This is a man I love, adore, respect and personally seeking for. Integrity Consciously observing everything, being conscious of existence as deep as possible, and always open for more, before and while they act. This allows everything could exist as they are or be seen in the first place. I can sense the environment field created by their temperament. (the picture reference is at the end.) They seem quiet and conscious, steady, deep, and introverted. This attitude can accept my existence without demanding me to do anything to ‘earn it’. They don’t take my love from me. I feel I can be with them aside, I want to observe and feel things as well but people are just noisy and interrupting me. Cognitive Openness, Respect for existence. Make their opinion open, respecting, and moving towards truth. Have a conscious standard such as “integrity” in their heart when they interact. No use of their “Opinion/perspective/identity” to Territorized any kind of nature. Always open, understanding, consciousing, and loving. Basically in order to reach this, it is all what Actualized.org has been teaching. Stay quiet or speak honestly. No willing to speak about the things they don't honestly believe in in order to achieve any of their intentions. REAL APPRECIATION OF NATURE, ART, BEAUTY. without this quality, people are so shriveled like plastic living. I don’t wanna thinking abt them. if you know you know. Visual appreciation perception is different world views between cognitive opinion ways of viewing. It means it is really different what you can see. (Music and any other kind of art are the same, but I haven’t experienced it yet, but I believe if I can’t create it from the bottom, I don’t truly understand it. So be respectful.) I once left appreciation perception and find out that feeling beautiful is a........idk how to call it, But I know the ability which use to create art and appreciate the "beauty" of the world really does not exist in some people's perception/reality. Abundant social experience, Maturity & Knowledge and understanding of reality So they can go through and manage all the traumas and troubles while maintaining the conscious of 1 & 2. This is my personal demand of man. Without appearance consideration, these 4 qualities are fundamental. Only having integrity and appreciation will build a man that is already good enough for our world. I think social status and money can not represent good people. Because the value of most people doesn’t seek and appreciate these things. They are blind to them and use kindness for ego. So high-status people or popular ones can have no integrity. This is the scene of how the observing and appreciating temperament look to me. Totally personal, Guys, I want to know yours as well. For the Manson example. Even when they act out like this it is still different. You can sense the differences. The playfulness out of love or the hurtful aim is done by truly wanting to deny/reject/blind your existence.
  13. Good!!!!!! that sound really happy and fun. But keep humble and open-minded to more fields and people. Being happy for "I'm better than others" will make your work blind.
  14. Thank you for asking, I'd love to see these actions on Mods. take the initiative not to provoke or participate in disputes, keep themselves separated from the situation when disputes arise. Warn people to control their emotions and maintain the values of open-mindedness, willing to understand, no violence to each other otherwise there will be consequences. (I think mister Leo should be warned) When things come don’t use vocabulary or questioning that represent accusations/ unwilling to understand/ disconnection/ attacks/.... Guide closed perspectives and topics in the direction of open-mindedness, it can without imposing new opinions, but keep advocating the background order of open-mindedness over and over, keep understanding each other's point of view, No violence & disrespect. 🌟💛
  15. I'm new and have been active at the forum these days and find conflict and judging to be the norm here, like other social media places.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️......................................................, I don't want to be disappointed. But the administer themselves, which to be looked up to, are using verbal violencely. These days I've read many topics and get a not good impression around the forum...
  16. @UpperMaster Ooh.... you might need to start another topic to describe the problem you are facing specifically in life.
  17. do you know where to find conclusions?
  18. If you are honest enough or your perspective starts to open. No matter how much material you've studied. You've always felt that you are exploring one of the perspectives, and have no absolute answer. Here is no "I take one of these choices/understandings" and I'm done to absolute and can not move or go anywhere else. Leo's 「Epistemology」theme on YT are perfect for this situation. This teacher opened your mind and you still perceive completely subjectivity, free from the feeling of dogma, fear and commitment.
  19. @Carl-Richard 🧿🌟ヽ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)ノHEHEHE~ ~~~✨✨✨✨🌟✨✨✨✨ @Mormegil ♥️♥️♥️♥️🤲Thank you.
  20. @Carl-Richard 😂It's one eye & nose I drew. I didn't expect confusions, thank you for letting me know. It's character Aemond. I love his round blue eye🧿. This vigilant sharp sense. They are just same!
  21. I feel reading too much toxic word from the person I accepted affect my mind. I follow this human because I trust them. My subconscious is open for them and cares for them in my own way. But after two experiences of this kind, I find myself being really toxically treated. I feel sick after it. There are a lot of distinctions I need to learn. But before that, I will stop paying attention to any of these talks on the forum anymore.
  22. It is for you to understand. In my eyes he is a human with emotions and feel things, when they act out like this they are not just a tool. and In end I don't want them to die or go uncommunicable & vicious.
  23. Maybe there might be someone who can share understanding with you. But they just don't speak the same language as you? Are you mad because of feeling alone? Do you feel everyone you gather around here is shiting but no one has ever truly taken the action to connect with you and cares about the value inside your heart? Reading these messages I just wish there are ones who can soothe them and give them the love they need.