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  1. @AuthenticSelf @Byun Sean @John Doe You were right. When I wrote this I was in a low consciousness state. Leo is right too, there are levels of awakening. We truly are in heaven, we can do whatever we want, but the only thing which makes sense to do is to follow your highest ideal. And once you align with it (also reactualize your childhood passions etc.) then life becomes unbelievably good. Much love ♥️♥️♥️
  2. @AuthenticSelf what if my life purpose is just to chill? Seems like a perfect opportunity to do it.
  3. So it's all love. You could meditate all day and have just as full of a life as if you became a billionaire. Or I could become a vagabond and live a life of experience and seeing stuff. Or get into psychedelic drugs and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. As for finding a partner, that seems more pointless than ever. Not gonna lie I do feel more alone and less motivated. I'm supposed to be selfless? How am I going to do that if I feel like I'm in a dream and there's no meaning to any of this? Let me know your thoughts guys...
  4. Sorry for putting AMA btw (I haven't been too responsive ?), all I really wanted to do was demonstrate to Leo that he has helped another person wake up, and to carry on with his life purpose because the way he's going about it is pure genius. Materialism, brains, Science, these are the ideas which need deconstructing. It is absolutely incredible how humanity fell under this spell, but then of course I realize, God did it to itself, for itself, out of love ?.
  5. @Leo Gura Thank you man. From the bottom of my heart. Thanks for not holding back with the truth. Much love!
  6. @Leo Gura "Tell us more about your method"? Ok so I've felt ashamed for existing for the 26 years I've been conscious. So I'd say pain was the driving force for me discovering the truth at such a young age. I remember hearing that death is permanent, and god doesn't exist at a very young age, and it just disappointing and torturing me. I thought there's no fucking way, yet the adults with authority are telling me this so it must be true lol. So that set the stage. Skip ahead to the age of 19 I get into RSD and meditation. Being in the present moment solved so many of my problems (which is now obvious why) but I was a materialist nihilist so I was still deeply afraid, ashamed, scared whenever my ego got too involved. I grew up listening to christopher hitchens so I always thought atheism made way more sense than a god in the sky (pure ignorance lumping all religion in like that). So I went on a nihilistic rampage for a good 5 years, just trying to sleep with as many girls as possible. I also went to a 10 day vipassna meditation retreat to try and improve my game, and had a deeply profound experience on the final day where I literally felt like I was on MDMA even though I've never taken it in my life (I chalked that one up to "a flood of dopamine in the brain" LOL!) So here I am at 26 just totally hopeless and staring at another 50 years of nihilstic existence. For this reason I was like fuck it this life is trash, time to start smoking weed, I hear it's not that bad for you. That's when it clicked for me that your physical posture can improve your confidence instantly, and this hit me like a ton of bricks. Also around this time I noticed Leo was talking about God and the myth of science, and my first thought was "really? I thought this guy was a nihilist PUA like me who jumped on the self help youtube career at the perfect time". It was this thought that made me inquire deeper. I'm gonna be honest watching that myth of science series was the single greatest day of my life. I rung friends, vlogged loudly in my room, with zero self agenda, just pure joy at the fact that my materialist beliefs were pure falsehood. Because from there, life was a mystery again. I understood what eckhart tolle felt like when he chilled benches for 2 years. It's all one! No separation. Why the hell does anything exist at all? From there I bingewatched your videos as well as Bernardo Kastrup, for like 10+ hours a day for months (but without weed because I was with family and it was christmas coronavirus lockdown). Anyway months pass before I leave home again and decide to smoke weed with my friends. And that's when it hit me almost instantly. I've felt this way before. I remembered it from childhood, it was definitely empty. But I also understood what the buddhists meant by emptiness (i always interpreted it through a nihilist lense before), and that emptiness is getting closer to your true nature which is love. And that emptiness and love are one in the same. This is what it felt like to be a kid! It was truer than anything I've ever known. But it had always been there, I'd just forgotten about it. It can only be love because it's devoid of fear. It's why kids run around obliviously near busy roads. Permanent death is a fiction. So the day after that I get stoned again and I start doubting myself. Then the day after that I got really stoned and tied up all the loose ends of my existence. Like 6 hours methodically pondering existence and looking at it from all angles. It was at that point I awoke. Once you convince someone as logical as me that everything you've ever been told was wrong, and here's proof that the aim of the game is love, whatever which way you look at it. That's when it literally felt like game over. I got the whole being sucked into the void of love feeling walking back to my house. It freaked me out. I only got 3 hours sleep last night. I just intuitively know now that we're in heaven. Reality is literally perfect. And Leo's right it's also terrifying. I spent my whole life thinking there's no meaning, and now there's too much meaning. Infinite meaning. But also no meaning, it's just love. Infinite self-love. I am you, you are me. It could be no other way.
  7. Only took 4 months and I wasn't even sure where it was heading. When Leo says it's a radical truth he means radical in the most absolute sense of the word. In fact the word radical cannot reflect even 0.000000001% of the truth. Finally all my favourite bands from the 60's make sense to me ?