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  1. @w4read is not about crazy and deluteded people, is about the freedom of speech, he got banned and he didn't break any rule, twitter wanted to shut his month. I posted above his tweet and that doesn't incite for violence, not even in that certain context, is just a pretext to make him stfu since all libs hate Trump.
  2. @Forestluv he didn't break anything. I posted above the reason for his ban. Cut your pretexts dude. Just admit that you wanted to see him banned and now that it finally happened you don't care about the reason.
  3. @Carl-Richard he didn't incite any violence. THis is not incitement of violence, not even in that certain context. Read it yourself. That's just the pretext they used to ban him. He could have said "Don't be violent" and Twitter would still twist his post to make it look like he is inciting for violence. Tell me, you young freethinkier, how is that inciting to violence? quote what he said, contextualise it, and point to me how is that incitefull to violence. It's not, just admit it that you hate freedom of speech.
  4. is not even about Trump being a dumbfuck or a genious. Is about you agreeing with censorship. He didn't break any rule. You just want people that you don't like to be censored. It's a private platform and they can do whatever they want? OKay but he's the president and he didn't break any rule. The reason that Twitter used is a cheap pretext. Hate Trump all you want, but censoring people that you don't want is shitty and low. And you're part of this.
  5. @Vrubel to access to psychedelics or without it, the agonising life-long disease is still there. if you get it at 20, you still have to live with it 40-60 years (if it doesn't affect your lifetime).
  6. what do you mean as soon as I want? if I lose my both legs at 20, I will still have to live 30-40 more years without being able to enjoy live fully. I can't just kill myself because my family will miss me a lot. the problem is not that I fear death, but that there is suffering. If I am a kid born in a poor country and slaved for wage slavery, knowing that death is an ilusion, will not make my life easier per se. I'll still have to be slaved. yes, and enlightement will not help me find a financial stability and find a beautifull girl that loves me. If I am in a position where this is extremely hard to get, it will not change. I know this. I'm not asking for money. But if you have mentall illness like schizo or depersonalisation (my case) , it's hard to see the beauty and hapiness, because your brain is not working the way it should to. ```Death is imaginary.``` it is, but if someones mother dies, they will miss her a lot, death being imaginary or not it makes no difference.
  7. I don't understand this. What does it change? If I have cancer, I will have cancer with enlightment and without it. If I am poor and suffer I will be poor and suffer with or without it. If I don't have have legs, nothing will change. It's literally the same situation. If someone in my family is dying, enlightenment will not change it. I find your older videos and the life course to be very practical and helpfull in many situation. But this enlightenment thing seems useless. Please make in the future some practical video, like how to deal with karma from this life and the past ones if possible. Like how to clean it and forgive/heal myself. Also can you explain how the karma work? are souls real or is BS?
  8. But still, as I said to the other person. I'll just quote myself: so, why not even bother to learn something from them that could help humanity? Why not study them if that would be possible? I assume that so it is. But this didn't stop us to study animals, space, atoms, quantum physics, chimestry, biology, and to overall understand what's going on. I understand that you reached the Godhead, but what about all the other Universes? Why not bring something good for Humanity since you know that some people suffer so much.
  9. yes but this doesn't change anything in your mundane life. If your mother tomorrow has an infarct and will nead a heart surgery, knowing that everything is love will not help her. you know what will? A surgeon who know how to do a surgery and save her. That's my point with DMT beings, maybe we can learn from them, why not study them as we do with everything else( animals, chimicals, atoms, and even ourselves). I don't know, but we didn't even start. Answering my questions from the start of the thread would be a beginning.
  10. Okay Leo, I kinda get the point. But what about the other points that I made |besides God|? Why do you dismiss the other realms? This thread digressed. What about the DMT entities? Why don't you make a 4 episodes series aprox 12 hours in total explaining everything about the DMT beings? If you made it about God, why not about DMT beings too? like going as deep and concise as possible, answering my questions and more?. Will this ever happen? Do you have a lead on how to find this information? @Leo Gura
  11. @Leo Gura what about the nothingness part? why even bother to take 5-MEO-DMT and do the work if I can just look at a cactus and the cactus is God.
  12. I didn't said that you can't see machine elves on DMT. I said that you don't see DMT entities on mushrooms. ```God was a beared, older gentleman wearing jeans and a shirt and he looked like Richard Branson.``` sounds like BS ```I was shown that God equals energy and that energy equals 434``` if A=B and B=C then A=C, so he said that. -here: 4- Love 3- Joy 4- Hope. so 4 is either Love or Hope? It doesn't even make sense. It's the same spiritual dogma well known by everyone already but with a flavour. Some of them, probably half. And his answers are extremely vague. I asked some very precise answers. His answers are like 'yeah they are made of energy and love`. I'm asking the nature of the energy and love. Like dude, your body is technically made of love too, but this doesn't help a surgeon to do a heart transplant. You need to understand how this body works in order to do these surgeries. Hippie Truisms are vague and useless. If we were to belive that the Human body is made of Love then we would still be living in caves. + his videous are 3-10 mins longs. I'm asking for 2-5 hours videous that go deeper into this.
  13. @Osaid I know him. But he doesn't cover my questions. And Machine Elves are not DMT entities, you see them through mushrooms. and he seems pretty deluded since he said that God is 434. It's absurd. I understand that he has something with that number, but I've never seen it. No offense maybe certain things, but his obsesion with 434 is absurd.