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  1. Never thought about it before, but you're right! And it really depends on the form of government. I remembered George Orwell's 1984 story about totalitarianism described there together with government surveillance and so-called security (in fact, bogus security). I decided to refresh my memory by reading here a few essay examples about the work. So, you can once again be convinced that in a totalitarian government, greater confidentiality is a kind of guarantee for security, but as the experience of some states shows, it is very difficult to achieve confidentiality in the context of totalitarianism.
  2. I don't quite understand what you mean when you ask whether it is worth studying science. After reading the comments below the post, I also want to note that it is quite very important to critically perceive the information you hear, wherever you get it. Personally, from my point of view, I want to say that in case of any doubts, I always prefer to trust science and experimental studies and researches. But whether or not to study science in college is a separate question. For me personally, this does not make sense, because even in college I used to finish any lab work. I was bored with writing report and so on. Nevertheless, I love to constantly read news from the field of different sciences, that is, in my case, it is more for my own development, general knowledge, and not for an academic or research purpose. I think it is worth thinking about this before making a decision about studying because this is your invaluable time, your money and your efforts! Wish you luck!
  3. I would add the principle of cyclicality and assimilation of cultures. Different cultures borrowed details from other ethnic areas. You can study history and find traces of totemism all over the world, but each nation has its own interpretation. I recently read an article on US history. This state was formed through radical assimilation with the indigenous people. Endemic cultures are a myth because all peoples were formed in an open information field.
  4. I had a similar situation. I went to medical college because in my family all doctors. But after a few years, I realized that I was not interested at all. Studies have deteriorated. I turned to similar sites for help and so passed my assignments. I felt a commitment to my parents. But I found the strength and dropped out of college. Now I am studying to be an interior designer and I really like it. I think I found myself. And you will be fine, believe me.
  5. Yes, education is an insanely complicated process. I don't want to judge your actions, as I have a poor stock of knowledge myself. The education system is definitely not perfect, at least at my college. These nuances lead to a lot of problems while gaining knowledge. Because of my poor grasp of study material, I use the website , which for me is an indispensable aid in doing my homework. To be more specific, this website has many free examples of essays with a different theme. I think everyone would agree with me that the education system requires a lot of processes to be reviewed. Although sometimes I think we do not learn well because of our own laziness.
  6. For me, immigration is a way to find a better place to live. Sometimes people are born and are in an environment that does not suit them. They should not be condemned for that. More specifically, I got hung up on this topic when I used the website , which is my writing aid for essays, papers, and other materials. On this website I found just such free essays on the topic of immigration. Continuing with the topic of relocation, some people immigrate to avoid some problems. It is worthwhile to understand the true purpose and in no way criticize them.