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  1. @abrakamowse You just got gaslighted by your media that Trump incited violence. The opposite happened. Instead of being shocked about how deeply manipulated you got you just make up something new. How much seconds did it take you to make up another reason why the impeachment is normal? Five? Now it's suddenly not aloud to not agree with the election results. These two impeachments were the most creative impeachments in the history. This only tells me one thing. Trump did it so good, democrats couldn't make up anything better and need to lie to impeach. How low can it go? Not useful to discuss this anymore. I am convinced that if Biden makes new wars and more poverty, you will over years spin this, al creative ways. Just like Obama said the economy couldnt get so good as Trump did. Biden will make up something sortwise. And you will repeact exactly like your media will tell you. You will never wake up, no fact will change anything for you.
  2. @Preety_India I have no idea of who that account is, because that has nothing to do with what I show. You want to distract that dont you? Why these tricks. We should have known fairly which kind of president we vote on. I do know what the video shows.. The filming is of a senator Obama and Clinton. The senator calls them warmongers. Don't try those dishonest tricks on me. Why do you want so much essential information to be hidden? I will answer you on the question you dont want to answer. Who was rioting? Antifa was looting. The left. Nobody else was rioting.
  3. @Striving for more The people chose the party that was for identity politics not the more capitalist thinking party. Then healing will not take place and nasty things keep on happening. I wish we would learn from south afrika.. As an example how not to do it. It shouldnt be about your skin color, its about the results you make, the things you say etc. If you keep on talking about skin color and old hurts, healing will not take place.
  4. @Preety_India And you think Biden is for peace? You could of known better.... https://twitter.com/i/status/1325155373242724360
  5. @Preety_India I do know about lots and lots of other riots we can't link to Trump but more to the democrats. Or things like Trumps head on a stick. But its all ok if democrats do it? And which group started looting on Biden's inaugaration actually??
  6. @Preety_India Yes Trump asked to do those peacefully, before the protest began: The exact fragment: Probably your favorite media didnt want to show you that, did they?
  7. Because my mouth got shut, I couldn't show you the truth. I got penalty points that I will keep for the rest for my life for this. The intimidation is big, if the moderator chooses to make something up he will ban me even on my death sickbed. If I don't react anymore after this by tomorrow, I have been banned for life for showing the truth. Here is the fragment where Trump ask the demonstrators to protest peacefully. Never before is someone impeached for such idiotic reasons. People who are a bit awake know the media did this sort of manipulations al the time. Here is a good piece from somebody who voted Bide, about the problems we will be facing because of Biden. The critique on Trump is dum, but Trumpers are used to such stuff , just read over that. https://bariweiss.substack.com/p/its-done-what-comes-next If I get banned. This is good. If truth is of no importance anymore than I don't want to be on this forum. Freedom is important. This is a picture of what the mod did:
  8. @DocWatts Weren't the democrats afraid for war and the end of the world when Trump began? Lots of riots in the streets then and they didn't believe the elections were fair. Trump brought peace and jobs and a quick vaccine. He was even one of the presidents that brought decentralization of power, which is very unique Now the opposite will happen. You can't point to something external this time. You all voted for the democrats and they now have lots of opportunities to do what they want. Last time Obama didn't bring much , he did agree with Biden and brought regime change and war and the start of BLM which brought riots and violence to the streets. Also more centralization of power. I hope some democracy will be kept in your country. I wish you much strength, you will need it.
  9. Media systematically lies by ommision. Trump was before the bestorming of the Capitol talking about peacefully protesting. Ofcourse he also talks about things he disagrees. That is called free speech. That has nothing to do with violence. America is making a clownshow out of itself to impeach Trump. It's scary too. Democrats keep adding in fuel for anger. Combine this with regime change Biden, bad economics of Biden, making the rich richer by his Fed policies. Add in the extra focus on race, which only will increase tensions. And the purge of people who don't think like democrats on internet, the end of free debate, so tensions will increase and increase. This will create War, riots and poverty. In time you will be screaming for a new Trump. It didn't have to be this way. I wish you all much strength to get through the difficult times ahead.
  10. What is so dangerous? This going to court to check if everything is done fair happened more often. This way we are sure the elections are fair and that will give more trust too Biden in your logic. Cause you are sure he won. Also Trump said he would leave if he lost. I don't understand the problem, it seems reasonable to me.
  11. Sounds like a very objective higher systematic spiritual subforum. Not. Very partisan. Lets make this a little bit higher quality place.
  12. @Preety_India You sound passionate. Why are you so convinced?
  13. Why take drugs? I thought this is a spiritual forum. I don't understand.