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  1. Hi guys! My partner is not interested in personal development or philosophy. Whenever we start talking about a topic like this, she falls asleep, doesn't follow the conversation or answers with a different topic. For me, it is a very important aspect of my life that I want to share with her, but whenever I tell her, she feels bad and tells me that these issues are not forced. I've been with her for almost a year and we still haven't talked once about anything like that. It makes me feel really sad. What can I do to be able to share this with her? Any opinion and help is welcome. Thanks guys!?
  2. Hi guys I have been having serious problems all year to learn new things and focus on something. I don't know what to do after my free time, I don't know what to spend the time on. I need help, what can I do? What can i investigate? I would be very grateful if you could give me ideas, interesting topics. God bless you friends
  3. I am looking for love books to understand this and expand the vision of love in a poetic way. Does anyone recommend a book for me? Thank you very much !! :D
  4. Hi there! I am looking for books on meditation because I learn techniques and improve my ability to meditate. Does anyone know a good book? Thank you and have a beautiful day / afternoon / evening
  5. @JodoLlevaba un tiempo haciendo este tipo de ejercicios de forma aislada pero no encontré una rutina equilibrada donde integre varios tipos. Gracias y te mando las mejores vibraciones de España
  6. @Nahm People like you bless this world with light. Thank you very much for your advice, today I am going to sleep feeling better and wanting to try all the tools you have given me. c:
  7. @Charlotte Thanks for your words. That I will do, I will meditate and I will look for if there is something inside me that blocks my energy
  8. Can someone give me some guidelines to start a breathing routine? Times, intensity ... TY!
  9. Hello friends! I have been a musician for years and a music lover for as long as I can remember myself. Lately, for a month or two, I am unable to connect with music despite having been listening to different things and going back to listening to the music that I listened to years ago. Can anyone advise me what I could do? This really affects me and makes me feel really bad. Music is my life.
  10. @BlackMaze In a week I have to go back to the doctor and the truth is, I'm scared
  11. I have had a slight swelling on the upper right side of my neck for a month and a half. They have sent me antibiotics but they are not working. Can anybody help me?
  12. @Michael569 I only get sick of the same thing for years every 2-3 months
  13. @aurum The only cause that I can find for tonsillitis is a lack of variety in diet because I usually meditate and do sports daily