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  1. Oh that's great! Much thanks
  2. Hello there kind people Well I don't really mean psychedelic drugs but some supplements for the brain or actually even some under subscription medicine like piracetam (nootropil), for better creativity, concentration and memory. Of course proper nutrition, exercise, meditation is all included. I would like to know if somebody here have an experience with using it, what kind if yes and in general what are your thoughts on the topic. I have watched a video 2 days ago and only now it comes to my mind that sort of possibility and that so many silicon valley people are under it (well I know they are crazy lol ). I find it fascinating. Your thoughts?
  3. I read this and l would like to express my opinion. If you believe you have all you need, even tho you have descovered that there is another possibility to live life then fine. you really shpuld'nt do nothing. As long as you enjoy life and feel fullfiled and don't harm other beings then all good But when some day you will have some tickle in the back of youre head that you would like to know more you know where to start! All is just perfect. For me, that thing I have discovered the enlightment thing gives me so hope. Cause I am an afraid, too sensitive and unsecured human being and I didn't know what to do with my down feelings until I've stumbled upon this thing. It gives me hope and I am determend to take it further. So I guess all is good. We all just do what we believe is for the best. I am happy for you that you at least know this possible. for someday... PEACE
  4. Enlightenment? Maybe you should direct this question to the forum on the topic of enlightenment and meditation.
  5. YEAH!!! I was about to pop that question myself! I am in Italy, Florence Let's connect
  6. Hello. I would like to ask how do you exactly develop speaking skills? what are the steps? Sometimes I consider myself stupid because I don't quite sure how to express myself and how to get to the point. That is the main reason why I prevent myself from meeting new people. I feel I have nothing to offer and I don't want to waist no body's time. Also I feel I have some kind of anxiety with speaking so I guess to figure it out too. And my mind is processing stuff much faster than I can communicate, therefore I feel I have diction problems. The big challenge is that I am studying abroad and not even using my native language. So in conclusion my biggest problems: 1. comunicative skills 2. anxiety of speaking 3. diction problems Any kind suggestions? By the way it's clearly that Leo has worked on his speaking skills and I remember a video he was talking about getting rid of the "ahh.. ahmm" in while speaking. Just I don't quite remember the title of the video. Would be really interesting to know what methods you used @Leo Gura :):):)
  7. hahah somehow you made me kindda see some light in the end of the tunnel with that sentence
  8. Very well. Keep exploring, you're words were meaningful to me as I guess they would be also meaningful to others, so keep exploring. Thank you. You've made it very clear with you're response about the body. I hope to see the light ASAP I will keep exploring and investigating myself. Best @Rufus
  9. I think you understood my question all wrong. Or at least my intentions. I came from a place of trying to understand the acts and the form of life that a person of kind have. My curiosity is basically based on that that it is a new thing i am trying to figure out. Never crossed my mind to go and ask nobody directly. Therefor i find it here an appropriate platform for that kind of question cause i am wondering about people from back days in history and now days. My observation now is on full mode and i'm damn sure not going to "spread the word" on a topic I can't still fully understand. As the great Charlie Munger said “I never allow myself to have an opinion on anything that I don't know the other side's argument better than they do" , which I wonder if he is "the word you can't say" too. Thank you for your comment.
  10. Hey. There is one channel no bullshit yoga and free on youtube. It's called Yoga with Adriene. I found her very sincere and inspiring. Another one is Ekhart yoga. They have some free short videos but I know the longer once are paid programs. The last but not least is Cody - Online Fitness Videos. Dylan warner is amazing. there is one full-length video of him and he have some ery good techniques iv'e never practice before. Other videos of him I guess it's by paying but I think its worth it. This is what Iv'e tried so far and I liked it. Hope it helps
  11. i can't agree more. And now I know I am not alone with this. I struggeled a hell of a lot with the question "for what" for the last 5 years, it was preventing me doing stuff. Now I know I don't know and it doesn't matter. I believe I will find peace one day. That makes me happy.
  12. So you suggest that actually Leo doesn't know what he talks about? Cause I kinda of see actualized.org a forum of multiple suggestions on how to attain things/ourselves in this world. In a positive way I guees. but still. And we still try to attain peace, true happiness and ease with ourselves, and that is what I see the "enlightened" once try to teach us to accomplish. see? those things confuse me
  13. Thank you. That answers satisfied my needs to know for right now for that i am. Yes i got the pointless point before... at least i thought so, i guess it was an understanding with a missing angle I will check it! I think it's the only thing of him I haven't checked yet. Again thank you Cheers friend
  14. So this question is bothering me since i've spent all my last weekend listening to Leo's videos about enlightenment. Who is enlightened? Would I know to recognize an enlightened person? I started wondering if big figures i'm inspired by are enlightened people, like Tony Robbins? Was socrates enlightened? Any ways another thing, Leo was talking about loosing your self and actually stop being selfish. But is it still having basic needs and wants for your own body is considered being selfish? And if "I" don't "need" actually nothing isn't its true for the other side? that this side is "nothing" itself? therefore giving to others is actually pointless? What are the boundaries?