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  1. The ultimate guide to overcoming Oneitis - Angus Baynham-McColl
  2. Hey everyone, I wanted to share an ebook here that men who suffer from heartbreak and love obsession can use to move past their pain. Oneitis is an obsession with one woman, and it’s the result of a lack of purpose and abundance mentality. I wrote the book and published it on Gumroad. It is priced at $12.55CAD. The book is about 50 pages long it’s meant to be a fast and easy read. It starts with my love obsessed story and moves on to how I took on a different mindset. The strategies include finding god, making bank, developing resilience and developing a social circle. In the middle of the book is some advice on both life and how to think about dating. If you want coaching around this issue I also offer that. Look up “Angus Baynham-McColl” on Gumroad to find the ebook.
  3. Steve Pavlina’s blogs about subjective reality hits the nail on the head. It’s not solipsism but the idea that consciousness is primary and everything is contained within consciousness. The body is not conscious, only consciousness is conscious. So the notion that only ones mind is sure to exist is not true, subjective simply puts solipsism in its place as a philosophical dead end. Other people are dream characters and consciousness contains all the characters including the avatar that you are embodying. The law of attraction makes so much more sense when there’s only one consciousness. Fundamental beliefs trump those lower order beliefs. Objective reality is a lens for viewing reality but SR is not something that can exist in an objective reality but objectivity can still exist within subjectivity. There is no death as such because reality is 100% safe. Fearlessness is the realization that consciousness can’t be destroyed and is neither alive nor dead because it contains all possibilities of life and death and when you die who knows what happens but I can guarantee you nothing will kill consciousness.
  4. To embody the lens of 100% of reality being the present moment and space, I would have to reverse the years of conditioning that made me think reality is an object. When I was about 4-5 years old, I was able to read perfectly without much effort not long after picking up a book. It was as if I was unconsciously inventing the English language as I went along from a blank slate. The city I live in was invented by me as I learned the streets. It wasn’t consciously inventing things, but all the narratives I bought into were invented into existence gradually after the moment I was aware for the first time. I have no memory of being born so that was just a story I was told. As for death, that is just a concept as well. I have never experienced death but I imagine I would wake up in my own bed in another lifetime and say to myself, what a dream that was.
  5. Yeah that’s a good point to make, in the trip you see people behave differently which points to solipsism but the aftermath was just them saying I had a hell of a trip and they were normal. Same with mystical states like awakening, other people don’t see things the same way and I’m dreaming up huge differences between self and others. in reality solipsism doesn’t go far enough and Self encompasses all bodies. My body is just as much a part of consciousness as anyone. A solipsist would attribute sentience to their mind or body but awakened people know that the mind and body are just projections of infinity.
  6. Consciousness (you) makes up the subtle features of reality, if you see someone else get drunk, only their behaviour will change. But if you get drunk, the behavior of the whole room will change. This is because reality is 100% a reflection of state. After the next day, the other people will deny their behavior was any different. This is because if you get back to normal sane states, so does everyone else. We can only access memories within the emotional range we are at. Truly crazy things don’t get remembered when the crazy state is gone. The psychiatrist who says their patient is hallucinating doesn’t know or realize that they are the only hallucinator in a universe which is already nothing but a hallucination. They are hallucinating the insane person themselves. This is why the famous Dr Len was able to heal his patients just by changing his beliefs about them. It’s all beliefs and the believer programs reality. Life is a trip and if you start doing substance related trips, nobody around you will report remembering what you remembered. But what you witness is 100% true. The other people will see the same things and be in the trip with you, but deny it when the trip wears off. Insanity destabilizes the whole universe, everything makes sense until you explain it. God realization makes every past event perfect, but to explain that to another person in real time won’t work. Why? Because there’s only one god, and you’re it. We all have a default state and call it normal, and when you go insane the whole universe goes insane with you. This is why the insane encounter great deals of synchronicity. The dreamers state affects the dream. Another dream characters state won’t affect the dream because they have no state. Only the dreamer has state. There’s only one consciousness in the whole universe. You are the creator. If this is insight you are correct. If this is bullshit you are also correct. The input makes the output, and your view is law because the universe must reflect your prevailing view back to you.
  7. Oneitis is a love obsession, it’s a term for having feelings for a woman that you can’t let go of. People who have Oneitis are stuck because they have yet to let go.
  8. I had a Oneitis for 10 years, and I got rid of it last year using 4 specific principles. I began to focus on 4 things, Purpose Money Resilience My social circle I have even made an ebook about how I got rid of my Oneitis. I want to know how you as a man overcame it, Leo’s video letting go is a superpower was a big part of why I put ways to let go into my ebook. Share your story!