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  1. How is it a cult when people criticise leo here. Aren‘t cult followers following blindly? Anywho 😚
  2. I‘ve done 5 months no problem never wanted to be a vegetarian just see if it‘s easy, and it was easy.
  3. Weed is the most boring drug ever imo
  4. Yess i love veggies. Now travelling in latin america and miss many of the veggies and salads we usually eat in europe.
  5. It has been like that for years and yrs. just came back from the club. 3 really cute girls showed interest in me even though i’m not tall or whatever, came next to me, danced, threw their hair in my face. But i’m just blocked to take advantage. Even one of their friends dragged her away but she came again. In the end another dude made out with her as almost always even though she liked me more the beginning i think. i know i’m an extreme overthinker extremefear of rejection and it’s too much about me me me and my feelings but still don’t know how to get out of that. i feel sorry for me because it could be so easy but also for the girls who are interested but the purptree is just blocked with silly shame.
  6. 23 didn‘t understand some of the words though
  7. I am i meet a lot of intresting people while travelling actually. Usually i‘m scanning them and situations for proof that „they don‘t like me“ though. Which can be and is exhausting. Also in a way i‘m probably an introvert who wants to be the life of the party.
  8. Also in a „spiritual“ context. And what are the best ways to get over it in your opinion? 🤔 i‘m talking mostly about his type of jealousy „Jealousy is a complex emotion that involves a real or perceived threat to an interpersonal relationship. An individual may resent a third person for taking away or appearing to take away the affection of their loved one.“ https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-jealousy-5190471
  9. I’m traveling right now and often in hostels so i‘m already talking to more women than i usually would. Still the huge fear of rejection, overthinking and also i never really make it sexual as fear of coming off as a creep. also some chronic fatigue so usually too tired to go out and when i do force myself to go out often don‘t have any energy/serotonin/dopamine left to „entertain“ a woman. Maybe i can try more with modafinil. i think we‘re stuck in this being nice thing because of early childhood mother issues or whatever. The fear of coming off as an asshole, creep, and being rejected. Alsonthebfear of what others think when they see me get rejected.
  10. Tried it twice now. It‘s actually kind of fun. If i don‘t see benfits after like 20 times i‘ll ditch it
  11. I thought my problem is more an inferiority complex, some ptsd and social anxieties and overthinking. If you think not owning my feminine side is the main culprit, what are some steps to own it? i do stand up for myself. I can also be very confrontational. It’s just a huge fear of rejection and showing interest in a woman fear of coming off as needy, and also similar as you low self esteem or lets call it very unstable. I actually haven’t really been rejected and also not brutally because i don’t even let them, hehe joke’s on them.
  12. I should go out more for sure. Most often i’m too tired in the evening though. Sometimes going out is fun can also be a real bitch with some social anxiety. I don’t really think that though. I know i’m thinking too much and overthinking most things. Do you have specific meditation techniques which make you think less? this far o tried vypassana, mantra meditations. What helped the most was mdma and almost being blackout drunk (which obviously aren’t healthy) when i’m tipsy usually feel weird and often more anxious, when drunk i’m still overthinking. Almost blackout drunk is when my inner critic starts to shit up and i make out more with girls etc.
  13. Well interesting. I think i’m quite in tune with my feminine though. Since i was raised by a single mother and never really had stable great male role models also was always kind of sensitive. I’m often less in tune with my strong male side and huge issues approaching, i’d rather be approached and courted like a cute shy girl 😡☺️
  14. Yeah if only she sees it then it would be ok-ish, still a bit embarrassing. But i usually wear loose boxers and wore shorts at that party two days ago, so then everybody could “potentially” see it and it would be really embarrassing. Hence i need tighter underpants. But yea i am kind of scared to show sexual intent or any intent for that matter because of the fear of rejection and coming of as needy. Would be nice if leo made an episode about neediness, how to be non needy etc.
  15. No i just started it
  16. Then there’s the loud “scary” club environment. Want to look cool infront of others. Or at least not like a weird uncalibrated antisocial loner or whatever. And especially not needy. Overthinking all these things. Also kind of add so it’s hard to not be distracted and focus on one thing or one woman. Then i often want the woman who i can’t have, which is probably just out of fear and blockage etc.
  17. I mean i don’t know. Better not wait for that.
  18. With the club thing theres so much going on. Simple things like girls grind with their ass so scared/embarrassed to get a boner. Here a simple solution could be to buy tighter underpants. But also i fear to destroy the initial attraction if she sees me clearly. Even though there is no real proof fot that. Huge fear of rejection and of letting people down or disappointing them. Also some kind of perfectionism and wanting to appear cool, nice, pretty, perfect. You know how some hot women make weird faces when you look at them because they want to appear hot and look pretty, i’m similar in that way.
  19. Thank you dude. Yea maybe. it does seem like theres stuff stored in my body the way i get triggered so easily. Thanks yea that is good advice. Although showing someone pictures just because i want to check their bodily reaction seems a bit fake.
  20. I know a guy who had decent results, at least that's what he told me. And he motivated me to sign up. But he's also a blonde kind of "sunny boy" type. For me i often match with women in other countries who probably just want a ticket to the "first world" But not many that i'm interested in. Also i have likes but can't see who they are often the way Tinder is set up. F*** Tinder
  21. A new tattoo would be nice. Would want to find a real artist to do it though. Any good ideas? Obviously tattoos can be corny/pretentious/silly but who cares
  22. There were a few great chances i've had with women and the universe was against it One time there was this woman, i've always liked her and thought she's pretty and fun. We never had anything together. Just buddies. One time she asked me if i want to go bbq with her alone, i said sure. She asked me where i want to go this place or that place. I said that park. When we went there, there was a guy there that i know with a woman. A real f'n coincidence. It was night. Nobody else was basically in that huge park only these guy that we both knew. So we almost had to bbq with them. Then at the end of the night the guy asked me if he can sleep at my place. So we never were alone that night, that guy is a real extrovert, always talking, so no romance and in the end i let him sleep on my couch and drove the girl home. One time i was at a party in another continent, the whole night i wanted to approach a woman but couldn't because of anxiety. At the end of the night when the party was finished and the music stopped i did finally approach a woman, she was cute and seemed into me, we talked for a minute. Then another drunk tourist guy from the hostel came, who i've met like a day before. He was almost crying and yelling, said his ipone got stolen and if i could help him, the women got scared and said byes. I never approached any woman during those vacations, only her and in that exact moment that crap happened. One time there was this latin girl i always thought she's hot. We never really talked as there were always many people around and stuff. So one day i was with my friend in the city, my friend was really drunk like almost blackout and we saw her coincidentally. She came to me and asked me "Are you coming drinking with me tonight" That never happened, we barely ever spoke before. But then my drunk friend found a guy who owed money to his cousin and started a fight. So i had to bring him home with the taxi and the woman left drinking on her own or with others. And there were other instances Do you think there is such a thing that the universe doesn't want to give me these women?
  23. And more democratic etc. If let's say a Navalny etc. would become president. Russians themselves would get more freedoms on the positive side, more rights to protest and freedom of speech and so on. What else? Would regions splitter of because they saw their chance?
  24. who will be a slave though the govt? because the general populace might have freer life. now freedom isn't everything, security comes first.