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  1. Yea no i don‘t, i just took ivermectin. I heard it could help for many things like lymes disease for example and also for parasites and since I’m travelling in Latin America. And since i don’t know why i‘m fatigued almost always since a decade or whatevers) i thought it’s worth a try. Since it‘s otc here. But then insaw these wormy things in my stool.
  2. I would go for sleep medication if it doesn‘t settle by itself also i‘d cycle them and take different kinds for a few nights each to not get addicted to one
  3. Back in my home country i made some tests, stool test and colonoscopy for example because of cfs and gut issues. do you think there could have still been parasites/worms undetected?
  4. „Eating raw or lightly cooked vegetables has resulted in an increased number of people infected with parasites. Raw vegetables and fruits are hosts to some types of parasites.“ https://awomanshealth.com/.amp/health-conditions/what-foods-are-a-risk-of-parasite-infection
  5. It‘s interesting. i took some ivermectin as parasite killer because I’m travelling in Latin America (not for covid) snd i have some non moving worm looking things in my stool. Could also be fibers or whatevers.
  6. If suffering often causes people to get more conscious (which some say), should we alleviate suffering for ourselves and others? Or let them suffer and hope they awaken. Also why are we sometimes addicted to our suffering. Is it just because the ego finds some sick enjoyment in it? Seems like in Buddhism for example they often talk about how to create less suffering ( don‘t know a lot about buddhism btw)
  7. I’m quite content with my choice. But to each their own.
  8. If they didn‘t move it‘s probably just some indigested food i‘ve had worms a few times though, once in india etc. But they generally moved.
  9. Sounds like bs
  10. I do often have a kind of dizzinss/brain foggy feeling. sometimes it builds up when talking to people so it might be axiety related. if i would go woo id say it feels like stuck energy somehow. or maybe it stems from some kind of resistance. i also often have neck issues so it might be related to that. other reasons i’ve looked into: could be gut flora related could be something with neuromtransmitters, have thought maybe i’m sensitive to acetylcholine in a way for example. I feel after eating a lot of eggs or chicken i can feel sluggish or even depressed. And also cholin supps can make me feel weird. maybe its inflammation related. its uncomfortable talking to people while dizzy and feeling weird. just making this in hope someone had something similar and cured it or made it better with certain exercises, supplements, medication, diet etc.
  11. I’ve done a few 5-10 days water fasts and had Mostly a good experience. Although sometimes exhausting. Took laxatives in the beginning and then some electrolytes during the fasts.
  12. Also generally have low-ish blood pressure but i think in perceived stress situations it goes up too high for nothing
  13. Frank Yang he’s the universal basic income guy right. Yang Gang
  14. There are certain things that can alleviate it for a while. Sometimes eating something. Sometimes things like eft, or wim hof breathing. Wim hof and eft usually alleviate for up tonan hour or so sometimes and then the kind of dizziness comes back. also indon’t have it all the time just sometimes / too often
  15. In many places in europe too i think. In Latin america its often otc
  16. I thought it was otc in the us
  17. I‘m travelling since 2 months and will probably go for around another 3 months. Just wonder if some of you have interesting ideas or experiences.
  18. Well i think he also sees all as “one“ so it‘s also directed at himself omg
  19. Yea i don‘t really care to look them up even now. Also didn‘t bother to read the instructions just went with the flow. I don‘t really think i‘m very autistic although i certainly have some traits like social anxiety issues some add, and eye contact can be a bit much at times.
  20. So what are you trying to say?
  21. Well some people will always defend something a person says and follow „leaders“ ideas etc blindly, could be Trump, Catholicism, Islam etc. Just comes with the territory i guess.
  22. Did you ever the feeling that you‘re „god“ though?