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  1. I go in cycles with music, sometimes listen to everything, sometimes more classic, sometimes rap, sometimes dubstep, sometimes techno et Often silence right now i‘m once again on a linkin park bender Rest easy Chester Bennington
  2. I think it would be interesting if Leo made an episode about it. Since i’ve been travelling i’ve visited a few “hippie” places. Some of it is pretentious, some of it is silly. In some place they wore hippie clothing almost like a uniform. Some of it is a business. Much of it is about “healing” Most of them own an iphone or whatever. Do hippies even really exist anymore? I think back then for sure lsd and the hippie/counter culture movement changed the world a lot, it would be totally a different world without it. https://youtu.be/N-aK6JnyFmk
  3. Yea i’m reading the Bhagavad Gita once again and they said a similar thing. The how to is difficult though imo
  4. Are there certain steps one could try to take that helped you or someone else?
  5. Nice Watched it But does just saying “i’m powerful, or i act powerful” to oneself really change a mindset and pattern over time?
  6. Interesting to listen to these songs from the perspective that god wrote them (which it allegedly did) combined with all the human anxiety which is so beautifully expressed by chester
  7. Well i think if there is a direct „competitor“ to France and Germany then it would be the UK. I mean you just say some silly stuff imo like … Yea i meant even moreso the landscape. France has probably the most varied landscape in Europe. From the cold wild northern sea to the warm Mediterranean, the alps, camargue, brettagne etc.
  8. Seems like i can connect to people sometimes quite easily and deeply. But then i‘m scared to do something wrong to loose that connection And walk on eggshells from there on.
  9. Also i often come from the sellers frame. „Like i have to entertain you“ if i could switch to the buyers frame that would be neat. Probably less pressure
  10. France is more beautiful and laid back, „ laissez faire“ Also warmer and Mediterranean. But probably more social issues. Germany has a better economy but worse lifestyle. Probably more secure.
  11. Thanks dude i‘ll check it out
  12. I feel like i put too much on my shoulders, like most things are ny fault and if things aren’t going perfect it’s not good enough, especially bad stuff becomes my fault, so then everything becomes a bit heavy and tense instead of fun and light. Sometimes this can take on ridiculous extremes, like a few days ago inwas on a night tour with 7 other random ppl to see wild animals. So then we didn‘t see sloths which everybody wanted to see. So some people were disappointed. So then i felt shame and as if it was my fault that we didn‘t see that dumb sloth. Which is crazy. But i was also the most social in that group, i think i was the only one who basically talked to everyone, which is also weird.
  13. Also what‘s weird eating big macs basically never makes me feel worse.
  14. Yea no worries. I tried carnivore for a month it had pros and cons. I‘ve also done water fasts, want to do one again soon-ish. But i think i‘d rather go extinct than being carnivore for ever. The last died i‘ve tried at home was basically getting as much different fibers as possible for the gut micro biome. But right now that‘s hard/impossible because i‘m travelling on a budget. I‘ve also started some yoga which is quite nice. Strenuous exercise sonetimes isn‘t great for me, just makes me fatigued also intermittent fasting drops my blood sugar i feel like.
  15. It‘s very difficult though because there is nocebo etc. and then some foods cause issues after prolonged time and not immediately after ingestion.
  16. Oh well this woman she was talking crazy, he was cornered and he basically had to beat her into a bloody pulp“
  17. in different ways, scrambled etc i think there needs to be a certain amount yea it does but its hard to say with what. I think i do better with bread. Soy can be an issue, mayonnaise also. Chicken and Fish is hit or miss. Meat and many veggies are usually fine. French fries, rice, plantain etc. usually fine. with different beverages. I have felt this way for years and i‘m trying eggs once in a while. i often thought it‘s the choline in eggs which causes me to feel worse.
  18. Yess Wolfgang 🐺 when i‘m alone i‘m often at peace and zen-ish. But around people i overthink a lot and find it hard to be very comfortable. I can be zen a little bit sometimes around people i can even be very social (moreso than many others) but it’s not stable and an unfriendly face can already put me in hyperdrive. So then i‘m always trying to see that i‘m ok which is a kind of validation seeking. For example today i was talking to (nice) women for about 5 hours because i‘m travelling. Sometimes I could make them laugh or whatever which is nice but then i overthink it. Sometimes i feel a bit comfortable but moreso uncomfortable. It‘s slightly comfortable/uncomfortable/tense/overthinking and all i‘m trying to do in these convos is basically feeling comfortable
  19. I‘ve had my first yoga session like 10 days ago and this far i like it, let‘s see how long i stick with it
  20. And what about aluminium? i heard it’s linked to alzheimers but many deodorants still use it.