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  1. The first "mystical" experience in adulthood which i can remember was after listening to a lot of Eckhart Tolle talks and then observing nature. Seeing Tree's in a different light.
  2. Well there were a lot of assumptions etc. in your text so it's actually relevant imo
  3. I'm not really making excuses or claim to speak from a higher consciousness, i'm just asking questions. But the way you answered made me think a bit that it's mostly your ego replying and not a reply from a "higher consciousness" Thanks anyway, i'll check your topic out.
  4. Yea it's not the greatest term. What i kind of mostly meant is, if we look at the universe as one and we are that universe and are mostly conscious of that through meditation or whatever. And the universe keeps on creating and devouring itself and wants to explore all facets. Like this is all just Maya basically. Is it wrong from that standpoint? Krishna told Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita (if i remember correctly) that he shouldn't be afraid to die and also not afraid to kill somebody in that war, because there is really no death. But on another (lower, non "spiritual") level we are humans and many of us don't want to hurt other people or even animals. So do you think it's less evolved because on that "lower" level it inflicts pain and suffering on those animals and that's just a thing about being empathetic toward animals etc.? Or is it also less evolved on the "higher" (what i called spiritual) level too because ultimately we don't wan't to hurt ourselves? (the universe) Even though he universe wants to explore all facets and there is really no death.
  5. Operation Paperclip had a lot to do with it or is that a conspiracy too?
  6. Even if using that word i never thought i'm enlightened, faaaar from it. That's nice and i like the term "unknown knower" or maybe "unknowable knower" but naming it "consciousness" or "awareness" etc. doesn't want me really to seek what i am, those are just words/pointers.
  7. Yea i get it, was mostly kidding.
  8. Leo wants to be enlightened, why do you want to make his ego grow with all those compliments? Do you want him to suffer? But i guess with that other "toxic" topic it cancels each other out. Props and thanks to Leo for the videos, podcast and forum etc.
  9. Cool. Yeah today i took some potassium and magnesium and also some volcanic minerals which should help detox. Have you done laxatives? I've heard it's kind of important in a prolonged water fast Yea a lot of people seem to do that, it's not really for me though i generally eat breakfast and dinner. For sure i will eat "extra" healthy for like 10 days after the fast
  10. Nope i still don't get what your statement really means. So a lot of Trumpists and anti Trumpers, left and right, muslims and christians, vegans and meat eaters (or even carnivores) etc. "aren't trying to be certain or are certain in their ideologies?"
  11. What do you mean by that? So you're certain that nobody's certain?
  12. Well i really don't know anything about QAnon etc. but agree with you about certainty, to me it's not black or white It's mostly grey, or a colourful spectrum Most of the times i could make decent arguments for both sides don't know why these people seem so certain
  13. I have the same issue, good topic, i'll try some of the stuff recommended here. A lot of time procrastination for me has something to do with fearing making the wrong decision, fearing of going into a wrong direction but a lot of times it's also just laziness. I also have a ADD diagnosis, but stims make me mostly anxious.
  14. the cease fire is already not respected this video explains the conflict decent imo
  15. Yea i don't know if it's a magic pill but it's definitely a nice thing to have in the stack. I've also heard for example that chemo-therapy is much more efficient if the patients are fasting. Right now i'm about 90 hours in, not feeling bad but still weak and kind of hungry, not wanting to do anything basically.
  16. I think so mostly if i meet them long enough. Some could be really good at hiding it though. But someone who's faking it might still get triggered in certain situations for example or under the influence of substances. It's not really that sad though, as long as he isn't hurting anybody or gets depressed because of it it's alright He also works a lot and has always since school. He's not hanging around, smoking weed and doing nothing.
  17. I've watched that twice, and death note also twice might watch it again since i think there's probably no better one since then. Love those melodies too Another old one which is pretty good/deep and also kind of nice and slow imo is legend of galactic heroes
  18. About pyramids, some shootings, some others, covid, and he even told me about some flat earth ish at a point Probably many others he hasn't told me about
  19. I did and was b12, d and zinc deficient
  20. It does in his case though, he's probably more "zen" than a lot of people on the "path" imo Don't think i've ever seen the guy sad, or in a very bad mood even when "bad" things happened. But some of the conspiracy theories are a bit concerning
  21. I know a guy, one of the most positive guys i know (even though he has some issues) But he never gets angry, even if people call him names or if he loses a lot of money. He doesn't really take it serious, he's not into "spirituality though but he's really into conspiracy theories.
  22. Well it's quite great. Even though there are a lot of issues i really enjoy being a "hooman"
  23. if they really want to die and it's not just a spur of the moment thing or something which can be cured, then that's alright with me.