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  1. Then don’t go to the club to meet women
  2. I‘ve taken mdma quite often at parties like 10 yrs ago. but always mixed with alcohol and just to party and haven‘t take it since. best way to take it for healing etc. any ideas?
  3. Only the old testament and some of the new. Like 15 years ago though
  4. Yea it‘s in the bible right? also in the bible god sent bears to munch on children etc
  5. I was listening to this podcast once and this guy said he went to a healer, she touched his heart ( just as a greeting not even in the healing session) and it dissolved a heavyness/blockage there. i often feel contractions around heart, plexus, belly even/especially when i’m very “conscious”
  6. ~All this is, is Magic~ ~time isn‘t real~ i think this was too much vitamin k 😊
  7. ~Just a journal with some ideas and insights~
  8. There’s no kingdom if there’s just one “thing”
  9. Nah i get the same from nordic naturals.
  10. ~i’m looking at this beautiful tree in the sunset light outside of this cafe while drinking a cacao and listening to this song on headphones and it feels so connected and peaceful, trees usually do it for me, hence the name~
  11. ~there’s no need to become anything~ ~no need to change anything~ ~nothing to add, nothing to take away~
  12. It seems like for some diseases hope of healing is good, like cancer etc But I for example had issues like: Anxiety, shame, sleep, add, overthinking, thought loops, inflammation, gut issues, chronic fatigue etc I always have hope that i find something that „heals“ me or makes it much better like: therapy, countless supplements, vitamins, medication, yoga, meditation, diets, probiotics, self help, affirmtions, hypnosis, parasites, enlightenment etc etc Some days/hours i‘m good/great but many times i just feel not good/off, feels like neurotransmitters are off or gut micro biome etc So for someone like me that hope for healing is very much of that „seeking“ energy, „when i get better then i finally do this this and that“ would be losing hope and stop seeking healing be „better“? thoughts?
  13. Same i get brain fog and there are many people who have bad reaction to fish oil, you can find it on reddit
  14. And you care about looks too much probably
  15. If everything is already god then there is no highest nor lowest practice
  16. In the baghavad gita, when god revealed himself to arjuna in his true form, he almost died beause it was just „too much“
  17. ~this already is absolute freedom~ even the constrictions, anxieties and shame are
  18. Nice i should have gone to the rainforest too. Isn‘t the humidity killing you?
  19. Well in terms of attachment i mean. Not having a stable childhood, left by father etc. So theres a part in me that‘s always scared to do/say the wrong thing and getting left because of it.
  20. This one i like more. But look in a mirror tadaa face of god Oki doki that cute understated smile will never get old to me.
  21. Maybe i‘m also scared what happens if a very beautiful/interesting (imo) woman actually doesn‘t reject me because of attachment issues.
  22. It is pretty but it also has something cheesy about it for me sorrys it has something very „in your face“ . Especially the right upper corner and the colour combo. I prefer the mona lisa or botero
  23. I mean art is in the eye of the beholder. The ones you posted are nice imo but also a bit on the cheesy side. What i think i sooo pretty and directly from another dimension though are some of those colourful mosques in Iran with thae patterns.
  24. The fear and shame of approaching and rejection