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  1. Focus on cleaning up your beliefs, I use journalling prompt I believe X I choose to believe X I choose to believe X because it serves me Now look into why it is serving you to choose to believe this idea, then you can start to dismantle beliefs that ultimately are not true but are there to protect you
  2. The issue I have with most boot camps and teachers is they are just "approach coaches" they don't teach you anything, there was a few times I wasted money and just had someone telling me to approach more. It wasn't until I got a recommendation from a newer lesser-known business that grew up in the city I moved to after COVID and managed to do their last BootCamp before they moved to Europe and Asia that I finally had really good coaching. The coaching brought in a lot of esoteric, spiritual concepts and met it with some strategies beyond just the approach including some conversational skills I have never heard of from anyone well some PUA strategies went to their level 2 but no one every really spoke about going 1 layer deeper in the conversation connection. The other difference I had was they mic'd me up and after each interaction gave me deep and detailed feedback on everything from how I approached, my body language, and what and how I said it, that direct feedback was really great which in the past I never had. At night they also winged me in set and gave direct feedback constantly they were very attentive. In the past when I did boot camps with larger companies they just gave generic theory and then said ok go approach and would sit on their phones or away and not pay attention, come back they would say how was that then ok approach her and point to someone else, this is honestly worse coaching than getting a good wing.