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  1. Every woman does what she considers morally acceptable for herself. One, can have abortions, which he considers normal. And the second - thinks ahead. And he does everything to prevent an abortion. Uses methods of birth control. Or, if unprotected intercourse has already taken place, take emergency contraception .
  2. The situation is very complicated, I would even say critical. Your girl urgently needs to be rescued. After all, everything can end badly. There are centers, psychologists, which perfectly pull people out of depression. I understand that she is against, but you are there to convince her. And what about drugs for depression. With strong attacks - it's just necessary.
  3. I agree with you. People often plunge into video games in hopeless situations. Once in the virtual world, people do not think about their problems in real life. The virtual world is often more interesting than the real one. But the main thing is to have a limit so that it does not cause gambling addiction. Because every game has its pros and cons. Every computer game can teach something: strategy, logic, learn to think and draw conclusions, strive for something. Sometimes I can play simple, easy games like Tetris, puzzles or games wooricasino . It helps to distract me from everyday problems.
  4. In addition to birth control pills, there are many other methods of birth control. Which, I think, would suit your girl exactly. They are safe, comfortable and easy to use. For example, Mirena patch or spiral. They are quickly installed and have a long-lasting effect. And most importantly, the side effects for health are minimal.
  5. I think a person should understand for himself what will be better for him. And choose the right path of your life. You can only help her, push her, advise her. But it all depends on the character of the person.
  6. See a doctor, this is really a problem that can affect your health. Maybe light sedatives will help you. But the main thing is to level the routine of the day. Maybe sports, work, travel - will be able to distract you from what happened. I sympathize with you.
  7. It's true, it's all in our heads. And pills are unlikely to help us if we do not change our attitude to certain things.