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  1. Here's the view of Sadghuru on the impact of food on health/sleep etc. I find this very interesting, he's basically saying that the body needs much more energy and therefore more sleep when we don't eat the right food. So if we eat food that optimizes our energy level and doesn't take much effort for the body to digest, we would need less sleep.
  2. I was just wondering if there is any connection between Spiral Dynamics and Masculinity/Femininity, like are men more masculine and women more feminine in lower stages (red to orange for example) and do these differences slowly dissolve in the higher stages or does it change in any way?
  3. Hello there, This is my first post here, been reading the forum for a while now. I am from Germany and I mostly watch english videos about self-actualization but i can recommend you three channels which talk about conciousness and spiritual topics or personal development and charisma in german: Green Rabbit: Eckhart Tolle: (he is actually german ) RedeFabrik: