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  1. Thanks.. I tried to understand "the death" in this way either but as you know it might be a little bit hard.. It's hard for me yet but I hope I will be able to realize all death related features..
  2. You are right but anyway I am still scared of death.. despide Leo's videos I am so afraid to die. I often check wiki stats wich shows how many people died by year/by month. And this information makes me feel uncomfortable, it makes me think that people aren't protected from death and only God knows when we will end your story... If someone knows how to avoid this thoughts let me know because "death related stuff" is hard for me to understand correctly.
  3. Idk what is passion for you, but for me it's something I can refuse anyway..
  4. That's really sad but if you have enough knowledges in art you can try yourself anywhere. For example designer for pc users - you can make wallpapers, posters; banners etc. There are a lot of job that need people like you bro
  5. That's the picture I've improved and set as a wallpaper for my pc. I really enjoy watching on pictures like this one and I would like to visit this place one day. It's my litle purpose for futher years. I also have seen a lot of different impressive photos at wallpapercrafter wich are really perfectly for desktop wallpapers or smth like that.
  6. Gain more experience as a junior project manager
  7. Probably porn is just our desire to watch someone's beauty..
  8. If I need to watch porn you recommend me to imagine sex? Or maybe something real
  9. I thought in the same way until I realized I started smoking 10 cigarettes a day.. it was shock for me
  10. I've tried so many things either. I quitted so many times. But now I decided to stop smoking for good. I WILL do whatever I can for this purpose.
  11. Work hard in gym. Stop eating unhealthy food