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  1. Fundamentaly life is about one thing and that is trust and ownership. Do you trust others and yourself - if you don't you will always think people or the world is out to get you. Do you own up to the fact that you're responsible to everything? If you don't. - you will belive you are powerless. We can all come up with the most horrific scenarios about of life could be but we can also come up with the best possible scenarios aswell. it's not that reality is this way or that way. Reality will always be everything - it's just that how YOU decide to look at life is how life will be reflected back at you. If you look at life as evil, life will be evil towards you, if you look at life as good it will be good. Which one is true? Both!! If you look long enough all those red flags will become true.. but that doesn't mean that they are true, it's just that from that perspective it is true because if you look at it from another perspective it becomes untrue. So what is actually true? That which is. And because everything is, everything is ultimate truth... So instead of thinking about if things are deluding you, think about if you're not deluding yourself into believing everything is deluding you, because that's what you do You delude YOUR reality, YOUR perspective into exsistence. Don't be afraid if reality is this or that way - CHOOSE how you want to delude yourself
  2. I am in a long distance relationship with a Morrocon girl and she has a lot of stage blue aspects in her. I'm devouted to her and love her very much. My advice for you is to dare to choose love. If you really love her and want to be with her, stay devouted to her in the ups and down of your marriage. If you look at it logicially, it may look like it's going to be very challanging, inconvinient and not going to work but if you love someone or something - you will do everything for that person and relationship.. Is it crazy? Absolutly. But it's the way of the lover - and if you feel like that's your souls path - go all the way! Much love and blessings
  3. Don't worry man, this realization is just an intermediate step to realize an even deeper truth about your exsistence. Right now you're resisting it and by resisting it you are slowly learning to surrender to it. You will let this go eventually as you purify more of your self as a separate self. I've experienced similar states on LSD... in fact this has been historically what happens to me when I take LSD. It almost always puts me in a " no self state" where my ego is searching for balance and itself as my own life or not itself as in that it wants to reach non exsistince. ( which my ego in that state believes is impossible) Always remember to keep your awareness - consciousness itself is curative.. so if that's the case - More consciousness will not sink your life - it will expand and heal you.. Atleast in the long term. YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. @emil1234
  4. ACCEPT your logic. Right now you are resisting yourself as a not spiritual person which is the opposite of Spirituality. Spirituality is basically boiled down to one thing and that is ACCEPTENCE of your self. You can only trancend something if you love it so if you want to trancend logic - learn to love it instead of resisting it.. and even more so - learn to love that you are resisting logic. LOVE and ACCEPCT everything - That's what spirituality means.
  5. There is no such thing as no reincarnation Try to prove me wrong
  6. Solipsism is true. It's just that it is misunderstood. There is only one consciousness but everything is consciousness so it doesn't really matter. Someone here is not alone. God is. Someone here is a figment of God's infinite mind. Someone here Is a figment and in that figment everything exists - just like Sam is a figment of everything. Everything is itself and is so immeshed in itself that it is itself and it cannot be anything other than itself. God is so alone that it is together.
  7. Not really! You are allowed to burn holy books and rainbow flags in Sweden if you so wish. In North Korea you are not even free to choose which haircut you want so I don't get your point. North Korea gives you basically zero freedoom as a citizien. In fact, the word freedom is cut out of their dictionary. In Sweden even Nazis are allowed to demonstrate on our streets. Does that make Sweden Nazie? Not in my opinion atleast cause we also allow people to express their hatred and dissaproval Nazism. However, I personally belive it's best to make it illegal to burn holy scriptures because in my opinion it should be considered as a hate crime. There I am 100% with you! But the statement that you can't burn the Bible or rainbowflags in Sweden and only the Quran is just flat out WRONG.
  8. You are actually allowed to burn the bible in Sweden though.. In fact - one guy actually was going to burn it together with the jewish Tora outside of the Isareli ambassady. He didn't do it though because his intention was only to make a statement that you shouldn't burn holy books, not to actually do it. As far as pride flag goes, if you burn one - everyone in sweden will hate you but there is nothing stopping you from doing it. What you are saying is in other words factually false. Is it stupied to burn holy books? Yes. Should it be illegal - maybe! But to say that it's just the Quran and not the Bible and the rainbow flag and imply that Sweden and west is anti Muslim by using this argument is ludicrous. As it stands, Sweden has freedoom of speech and as a result of that - you are allowed to burn both holy books and rainbow flags.
  9. This is one of the questions that I'm still investigating. Christianity, Islam and Judaism all talk about it but I can't seem to wrap my head around what they mean. Is the final judgement when you as God completely wakes up and takes everyone with you? This is thus far my leading theory but any other perspectives that are contrary to that are gladly welcome. What do you say @Leo Gura any thoughts?
  10. Super cool! Where did you find it?
  11. Yes This will require a lot. As I wrote.. your intellect will create a story to fulfill your desire.. The question is just... Are you in for the ride? You will get distracted a lot but then it's your job to turn your attention to your highest vision which is your most positive thought. Trust and follow the direction you want to go and that you think will feel and be the best for you... so in other words, don't change a thing! I mean, isn't that what we all already are doing? Which is why reality isn't true it just is, isn't it?
  12. @Someone here Another word for Law of attraction is law of mirroring which basically points to the fact that you get and experience what you are. The reason for this is because YOU, are God and hence everything else is your reflection. But what is "YOU"? YOU is just a certain combination of thoughts which in turn create a certain FEELING. I am saying it again... YOU are FEELING.. EVERYTHING is FEELING. So by that logic, If you hold onto a feeling of something you will attract that because YOU are THAT. Again... law of mirroring. You attract what you are. Another way if looking at it is that the intelect ( which is your discriminating part of the mind) Will begin constructing a story as to why the feeling you are feeling is real or in other words, why you are that FEELING. This happens because of what is refered to as the ego. The ego always wants to explain and express that which it feels it is.. so when you hold onto an emotion, you in other words let your ego.. or god - work for you in manifesting that feeling. What happened when you created your visionboard was fundamentaly that you created a feeling of what you wanted to experience. That feeling then manifested itself because you kept that feeling in your attention somehow. You became that vision, that idea - That FEELING.
  13. In spirituallity you learn that everything is the same. So in some way, no self is a strong self. Try to find that strong self in no self.
  14. One of my friends is around 170 aswell and he is the one I know who have gotten the most and the hottest girls. It's actually ridiculous. He is the type of guy who fucks one girl in the morning and then goes on meeting another girl but not feeling in the mood to fuck her but " pushes through it" anyway. He is also one of the most miserable guys I know and has a very manipulative and selfish way of life so I wouldn't in anyway reccomend his approach... Nonetheless, he is a genius when it comes to attracting girls eventough he is shorter than average.
  15. @Leo Gura When do you predict the illusion will completely brake? When will it penetrate into society that we are in contact with aliens?
  16. Today me and my girlfriend got freaky for the first time. We didn't fuck but she gave me a blow job/ handjob. I enjoyed it but I couldn't cum and now I feel super bad about it, also because she took it super personally. I love my girlfriend and I find her very attractive. The whole experince honestly felt more like a psychadelic trip where there where so much pleasure and Love that I couldn't take it. My dick was super sensitive and eventually I had to stop her. It felt like I was om LSD. I think the reason might be because of my exsessive porn use and masturbation where Ive come to a point I cant relate to woman in a healthy sexual way. What should I do? What is my problem? Why do I have this problem?
  17. Don't take the trip and the messege you get too seriously. If you feel like you have awakened and Awakening = more suffering you haven't actually Awoken. Just because you experience something doesn't mean you are it. If you have a bad trip observe you resisting it and trying to make it go away. It's okey to not be able to let go, it's a part of the process.
  18. Thanks for the support and wisdom guys. Uppdate: We did it again but this time I did most of it myself and I cummed. It was not as big of deal as I thought.
  19. You are channeling @ChrisZoZos consciousness right now.
  20. One thing I've noticed is that I always have had a sense of deep existstional grounding. I know that everything will be fine and I am more afraid of fucking up this dream then for it to end. I know everything will be fine if I die. My attitude right now is that I want to take care of a few things in this life and then completely dissolve when I die. I feel and know I am very advanced when it comes to consciousness related stuff but when it comes to material stuff like trusting that I can take care of myself and doing normal stuff I feel restricted and disconnected. The best way I can describe the feeling is that I am here and the world is over there! I feel like I can't partake in the world like " others " can. Its almost like the infinite groundless world scares me because there is nothing to hold on to. There are no right or wrong ways and therefor I don't know what to do. Why do I feel existantially mature and materially inmature? Why do I feel existantially grounded but not materially grounded? My guess is that it's tied to me not being connected and disidentified with my emotions and the femenine but very identified and connected to my awareness which could be refered to as my masculine. @Leo Gura
  21. @Leo Gura To play devils advocate, What about Sadhguru? He probably works more than Elon musk and is one of the most spiritual developed avatars in the world.