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  1. First of all, thank you very much to all who are contributing. :) Ok, here we go. I have saved your message. When I self inquiry, the "I" arises, not as a verbal response obviously, but as a presence, who observes this? Recently I have tried to go further, that is, to take a step back to identify who is that observer of the "I", (something like "being aware that I am aware of the" I ") it turned out that the feeling of" I "ceased , and I experienced a feeling of softness like being out of the body, after this, I couldn't go any further. If it's okay, it's a new discovery for me. I don't know if this is the right thing to do anyway. grateful for your help!
  2. Hello Samuel, thank you very much for your answer. very clear, then you have to maintain the presence in that feeling of 'I' that arises as a result of self-inquiry. My other query, what difference is there between this 'I' (emerged from self-inquiry) and the ego? Thank you.
  3. Hi all! I am new here, congratulations for the community. First of all, English is not my native language so I am using google translator, and I know that the word for these topics is difficult because it tends to confuse, I hope it is interpreted well. I am practicing self-inquiry and I would like to be sure that I am not wasting my time, as I am spending a lot of time on it. when I ask: who am I? At the beginning all kinds of answers came, ok, over time when I ask this question there are no answers, but a 'feeling' arises that 'I am being' and I observe it, and no thoughts arise, I notice that in this observation Very subtle thoughts arise that do not distract me, they are born and they go instantly. So that feeling of 'I am' that arises when I ask the question, 'Who am I?' Is it the source of all thoughts, emotions etc? is the famous observer? This famous observer realizes that who is asking the question is the same? then the answers disappear? Is it something like when the observer realizes what is being observed and the conflict ceases? thanks in advance and sorry if there are language errors, it may make the interpretation difficult.