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  1. I've tried a couple of things but what has worked best for me is simply sitting, gathering up mindfulness to begin with by just watching the breath. Then simply start generating a feeling of love. At first when i started this technique, nothing happened. I would sit there trying to conjure a feeling of love and did not feel anything close to it whatsoever. I persisted and eventually noticed the faintest feeling of love sweep like a wave through my body - this was the sign to me that it was working. I've read that holding your awareness at the heart chakra is best when doing this and i think this is true. If you keep practicing in this way the waves of love will become stronger and you can start to direct them towards something, e.g. yourself! You may encounter many negative thoughts and feelings arise whilst practicing but if you persist, these will be arising against a backdrop of a more pervasive field of love and this is when i found it much easier to have a sense of love towards negative thoughts, feelings and perceptions of myself that I had developed over many years. If you give this a shot, don't be discouraged if you can't generate loving feelings and get a sense of 'I can't do it' 'I don't know how to get these feelings to arise' etc. I remember in one of leo's self love videos he gives the instruction 'Do not ask how to generate this feeling of love, just do it' I found this excellent advice as this avoids overthinking it. Best of luck and much love!
  2. I've found soundscapes (forest sounds, stream sounds etc) can be a stop gap if you ever have trouble weening yourself off music. I find they satisfy the desire for pleasant sounds but don't stick in your head like songs. I once did a long stint of months without but when I listened again, it was so beautiful and captivating that you naturally want to listen to more
  3. This video might be of benefit with regards to explaining the dependence on your parents: In my personal experience, leaving the parental home to find your own way forces you to develop qualities (e.g. self-reliance) that, i think, outweigh the benefits you get at home with your parents (e.g. financial/your chores done for you).
  4. This is quite surreal how you have worded this sentence as I haven't been on the forum for a while and this is exactly the change of approach i have taken in that time. I've just decided to become mentally aggressive and absolutely unyielding every single time cravings or self-deceptive thoughts arrive about nicotine use. And, without wanting to jinx it.... it's worked so far. I agree with what you said about directing more mental resources at the habit rather than concentration/ compassion practices that i have been working on for years. Thanks for your advice Snader - 'killing' the addiction is definitely the part I failed to take on board in the past.
  5. This struck a chord with me. Recently i simply moved to a new flat whilst continuing to maintain my yoga, meditation routine and this moving home had a profound impact on my life. I experienced a bout of terrible mental health and lost all motivation towards my goals i have been working towards. Upheaval to routine and even the knowing that your routine is about to change is unsettling for the psyche. If i ever get in a rut like you are describing, i would go back to the basics and pillars of health exercise - food - sleep - reduce stress. I'd start with doing exercise as this seems to get food choice in check easier. Like everyone else said before me, go back to setting and achieving small goals to slowly start the momentum of your life on the uphill again
  6. Hi Everyone, I wanted to post about an issue that has hindered my spiritual path ever since i started over 3 years ago. I am at a point where i practice meditation and yoga every day and practice mindfulness as close to constantly as i can. I have noticed that the biggest block I have to increasing my awareness, getting traction with any emotional work and increasing mindfulness, concentration etc. is my compulsive addiction to nicotine. I have gone from smoking weed and tobacco every day for 9 years from age 17 - 26 to vaping and finally i am at a stage where i am reliant on nicotine replacement therapies (sprays mostly but also tabs rarely). This improved things and is much better than smoking and vaping IMO. However, I have become fully aware that this habit is completely hindering all of the consciousness work i am doing. It seems to me that all the mindfulness in the world is not working for me. I have considered a tactic of taking 2 days completely out of life with zero responsibility to focus all energy on not consuming nicotine as trying to continue my life as normal i have found too difficult to get through the emotional imbalance that comes when i try and get off it (even with these NRT's the withdrawal i experience is absolutely awful where i feel like i am mentally ill and severely depressed with suicidal thoughts, the works). If anyone has any insights on techniques, ideas or just sharing personal experience of dealing with a stubborn drug addiction would be welcome. I have been trying to quit for over 5 years and have had a few periods of abstinence (max 6 months) but a single exposure is enough to bring the addiction back at full intensity for several years more.