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  1. @Consilience Yes you can become consciouss of your deepest desires. Meditate, and than contemplate "What are my deepest desires? And than journal and brainstorm. Do it everyday with an openmind (and no jugdements of yourself), for at least a month. And you'll discover many deep desires that you didn't even know about
  2. @Mikael89 Dont take it as a personal attack. But you are to matrialistic and rational (not that it is a bad thing) minded to understand anything like LoA. What proof do you want? You sound like the matrialistic sciencetist that thinks that they hold the absolut truth. Let me explain LoA for you. You need to know your thinking, you need to be extremely OPENMINDED and extremely oberservent of you beliefs and thought patterns. You can't demand proof, you'll have to have enough faith and belief. Really LoA is all about realizing that your thoughts directly affect all areas of your life. Everything is one (as you have heard Leo talk about 1000 times), everything is connected. Your subconsciouss mind is directly linked to Universal Mind. You have acces now to infinite intelligens/creativity with your subconsciouss. There many aspects of LoA (and really LoA is only one of the laws of the mind). Its a deeply complex field of study. Like I said its not about having objects magically apear, only God can do that
  3. @EmptyVase what you are describing is one of the realizations I had. Since I have taking psychedellics, I am much more chill and playful in my life. And its true that a hyper serious approach will eventually backfire. Maybe it seemed like what I was describing was me becoming serious. But Its nothing like that. Its more the willingness to go really deep. And the fears I have was just the triggers of my realization. If you wanna gonna go deeper, you'll have to be willing to have your own life at stake. Anyways thanks for your advice, I apprecite it! @electroBeam Indeed, we have to take the risks. And I am more than willing. I am gonna take the trip at a point (dont know exactly when - but I will have a trip rapport ready after If anything crazy dont happen lol).
  4. What an awsome trip rapport, sounds like a really insane experience. Makes me really wanna try Ayauscha in the near future. Anyways thanks for sharing!
  5. @Seraphim I know my friend. But my comment was more geared towards the ones in the comment section misunderstanding how loa works. Its a lot more complex and my comment was just a simplified explanation.
  6. Law of Attraction works, but its nothing like what most of you think it is. Its not about sitting on your ass visualizing for a specific amount of time in a period, and than having it magically apear in your life. Its about changing your THINKING. You do the inner work of visualizing, affirming etc. Taking action every single day (Action of inner work), for atleast 60-90 days. You do it to imprint the new thought patterns into your subconsciouss, and than oppurtinies will open up for you, and than you can take the action of manifisting it (speaking of taking action in the real world.)
  7. @Javfly33 I totally understand where you are coming from brother. I have tons of basic personal development stuff I need to work on. The way I look at it is. Don't use spirituality to escape ordinary life. Don't get lost in trying to awaken, and neglect your 'Egoic' life. We need to come from a place where most basic survival needs are meet and furfilled. That being said, one needs to be very smart and strategic. You can do both. And you need to do both. (Because believe me. Once you know about true spirituality, and have had experiences weither from meditation or psychedellics, you can't forget it and delay the work 5-10 years in the future). But you need to slow done, you can't go all in with awakening. Thats the catch. One has to slow down serious spiritual practises. By all means keep doing it, but for now mostly focus on achieving you survival needs. Thats my advice.
  8. @Inliytened1 Had my first ego death on my first psychedellic trip. Forgot who I was, even that I was a human. There many degrees of ego death. What I have come to realized is that to be willing to literally die physically is what it takes to go deep in this work. With or without psycedellics. @Jed Vassallo Thats also what I have intuited and realized. Thats like the ultimate surrender. But off course not in a sucidal way or in any ways of hurting yourself. I feel you, I have also so many goals I want to achieve, and to really make something out of this life. But at the same time its calling me, and I am not afraid. So when the time comes I am ready.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. @Fran11 Its not like I am suicidal my friend I am just willing to take the step if needed. @WonderSeeker Thanks gonna take a look. @willl Speaking of both doing it sober and whiles tripping. But you as me know how good the mind is at dicieving. But your right most of the work needs to be done while sober @VeganAwake Yeah I know There is no I. But I am not consciouss of that. So it does not help with these word games. Anyway, your right, I am planing to begin a serious practise spiritual practise besides just tripping. @Leo Gura Your right, I need to slow down. @Depersonilized Yeah, I have had the thought of doing shadow work, its not like awakening is a magic pill that makes everything in ones life perfect. I will take your advice to my heart, thanks!
  10. Hello Guys! This will be my first post in here Just wanted to share my experience and insights I got from this groundbreaking trip of mine. So lets take a look: Setting: At home late in the evening Set: All alone, with 1.5 tabs of LSD (Estimated 180ug per tab) Intention: What is consciousness? I have had precious trips where I became slightly conscious of what God is, what love is and how reality works. So I wanted to dig deeper this time. This being my 15th trip. I began taking the tabs around 9 pm, and under an hour the effects kicked in - I was in my room laying on the bed. Suddenly while being on the phone (waiting for the trip to kick in), the apps and text on the screen began moving aggressively. Now I knew I was in for a deep trip. While the effects kept becoming stronger, I could feel that my whole body was vibrating. It felt like strong waves of energy coming through my entire body. I felt lighter in my body, and my mind expanded. I could feel how the acid was making my brain more interconnected. - All of a sudden I felt the presences of God. I became conscious that we are not this body. How foolish are we to think that we are separated from everything else. And how afraid of death we are. I remember being nervous at that moment, but then I reminded myself of the mindset I always take with me before a trip: "Surrender is the key - Surrender yourself, life, ego, identity, body and sanity to God and infinity". And when I surrendered I finally understood. Everything is Infinite Love. Death is paradise. While having these realizations, there was a conversations going on with God. He told me "They don't understand when they give up, surrender I will give them Paradise. Death is paradise, there is no death! Everything and everyone is God". There were so many thoughts racing through my head - I felt like I was expanding to Infinity. But at the same time, my room was the only thing there was. I was completely present. Saw the beauty of everything - Everything was so magical and beautiful. The realizations just kept coming. It wouldn't stop. Life is Infinite Love and death is Infinite Love. When you truly forget yourself (Ego - Identity) and surrender, than God will give you paradise. The insights and conversation with God kept going deeper: "My design is to develop more complexity towards Infinite Love. You are God! You are Infinite Love. I am all alone and everything is my imagination, all people, the whole world is my imagination. I am beautiful, you are beautiful, Everything is beautiful and everything is Infinite. I became so mesmerized. It was to BIG to handle, it was indescribable. I was utterly in a state of amazement. - Later in the trip the thought of everything is meaningless came up. And I realized that everything is truly meaningless in the Absolute. Like if I died right now, it wouldn't make no difference at all. Its like we all are sleep walking through life and chasing all these meaningless things. - But with the presence of God I was well rested, that yes everything is meaningless. But its also Infinite Love. - The Love that God has to itself is infinite. To be is the goal. Its all about being. Life is about giving love to the creation. - I had more insights - But overall the theme of the trip was Love. - At a point in the trip I left my room. It was so weird, because I felt like a child again. Everything felt so big, so magical and utterly beautiful, everything was sharp, the colors so brighter, It felt like I was in a cartoon world (So far from the ordinary reality - Truly crazy what consciousness is capable of) . - It was so funny going around, and even more funny when I looked at myself in the mirror. I was lost in the beauty of my surroundings. And than right there! I became conscious of the Infinite Creativity. Thats existence right there for you it is Infinite Creativity/Imagination. We as humans have acces to this Infinite Creativity. Look around, we have built cities, machines, art etc. All stemming from this Infinite Creativity. - The thought came to me "Never underestimate human creativity". After some time (Didn't keep track of the time), the trip slowly faded away. And I was in a deep place of gratitude for these insights. Truly I feel like I need to be more grateful for everything in my life. It was one of the most profound and groundbreaking trips for me so far. Much deeper than the previous ones. Psychedelics is a gift, it can open your eyes to the Truth. Some Minor Insights I want to mention also - Showing Gods love trough your Life Purpose. Yes everything is absolutely meaningless, but it doesn't matter - Because it gives you the freedom to do anything, to acces this Infinite Creativity and give love through your work. - Death of the ego/identity will ease a lot of things for you in your life. Yes its not easy in real life, but you have to remind your to surrender - Surrender to God - To the present moment. Let go of the constant pain and monkey chatter that the ego creates. Look at the beauty! Everything is beautiful! Look at the marvelous creation of God! - Infinity - God - Truth is indescribable. In way its so sad, because 99% of people in the world would in no way remotely understand what you are talking about. It is to deep, to radical, to insane. They wouldn't understand and It being indescribable because of its infinite nature, makes me wonder if there ever comes a day when this stuff becomes main stream. - And no spirituel teachings and major religions is the Truth. Neither Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism etc. is the Truth in it themselves. Many of these traditions do contain spirituel truths, some more than others. But in the end, they are all the finger pointing at the moon. - You have only yourself. Only you can realize the Truth. (I am in now way in a position to tell anyone what is true or not. And many of these insights and realizations is also for myself to work on. I am no where near being perfect or awakened. Just wanted to share with likeminded people. Because lets face it, many of us can't talk about this with 99% of the people in our life, neither with family or friends.) - I also have had minor personal insight, which I can't really put into words, But I'll try. - It was like God directed me to be more open to my feminine side and sexuality. In a way I feel like I understand, but its still not so clear for me. Like do I have to surround myself with more feminine energy and presence in my life? There were many more realizations and insights, some I remember and some not. But I feel like I wrote the essens of the trip. Thank you so much for reading! May God ease your pain and fill your life with Love.
  11. @flyingwhalee I feel you my friend. I have had these kind of trips, especially in the first few trips of mine. Just take a good break, and don't think so much about it. Actually with me the trips became somewhat dark with mushrooms (almost like how u describe it. It became much clearer with acid. Maybe change the substance to 2cb when you feel ready again. @Johnny5 Thanks for reading! Yeah I don't wanna over emphasis it But I feel like its just more of becoming in tune with my feminine side, and allowing it. @Leo Gura Thanks man! Its all thanks to you Leo. I wouldn't have been able to figure these things out and opening my mind to the possibilities with out your incredible work. And yes of course, the Truth goes much deeper. Planing to go slowly and steady. Still have a lot of basic personal development work to do (Wanna be smart at doing both this work, and the ordinary stuff). But the Truth has always been in my heart. @allislove Thank you! I am happy that you appreciated it
  12. @Javfly33 Thanks man! and Indeed we are ❤