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  1. I am speaking from the relative not from the Absolute. There are ways of how this dream operates.
  2. Life happens. Gods Will. Surrender are all synonyms. But the atman/soul has the choice to remain asleep or awaken to its true nature and than be a co-creator. I am still trying to understand these spiritual topics, so don't take my words as some ultimate truth, derive for yourself. My insights are from many years study and direct experience through tripping and sober spiritual practises.
  3. Your experience through this body is limited. Life happens. But there is some subtle form for "control". This what I wrote yester funny enough before I even saw this post. I was gonna go deeper. But this is what came out after a small realization: Understanding the relationship between body-mind and your state/level of consciousness You are not in control. You don't control your emotions, thoughts or any of it. There isn't anyone thinking your thoughts its an illussion. But you might use the old trick of "thinking" about a pink elephant etc. You say see there! With my will I thought about a specific thing and I saw it in my minds eye. Its not the case, the mind is thinking itself. The ego, which is you as Consciousness/God going in the illussion of being this entity is part of this strong illussion. The ego is your body's operating system, which were formed in your early childhood.
  4. Who said anything about the self? I wrote something yesterday that I wanted to share about this specific topic about states of consciousness and control. There isn't any thinker. There is no one that thinks, the mind thinks itself. Its an illussion. But the control we speak about is not that. ?
  5. My mistake, apologies. Its just that I had a very one sided view of you regarding this. It has nothing to do with having a strong or weak ego. Its deeper than that. Your ego is part of your survival mechanism, when that gets threatned, than it doesn't matter if you have had a "strong" or "weak" ego. That is in regard of awakening and not some other states.
  6. True. I get what you mean. Its not that you don't have control as an individual. Like some people bitch about not being in control, thats a lie. But believe me I have a deep experience and say to that matter.
  7. Off course that can be directly known. Everybody knowns it to some degree. If you are hungry than you think about food and have a strong desire. ? My point was towards a deeper understanding. That its not all just purely brain chemistry that determines your state. Its very crucial to get the most holistic understanding.
  8. But thats only true for God while being "stuck" in some finite form, like being a human. Its always guaranteed to awake at some point. Is it not the Will of God that you can have deep awakening om 5 Meo etc. But not just by sitting in meditation for 1 hour? Its all imaginary from the Absolute. So that means its more complicated than you think @Leo Gura. You can't control your state, so why stress it so much. Allowing and being in natural flow is a much more valuable thing than always going after some super high state, which is always relative in the end. State of consciousness is a very interesting subject, but I feel like you're still too matrialistic about it, if I can put it in that way. There are some other forces at work, than only your brain chemistry. (Not that it isn't a important factor) @Leo Gura I have also a very interesting question. You don't think that pastlifes have any effects on your chance of awakening and enlightenment in this current life. Than why did someone like "Echkart Tolle" reach a permanent peacefull state? My answers is off course the brain chemistry and the body-mind have a big say to your state of consciousness, but there are other factors and "bodies" at work, and even the souls trajectory. Thats from direct experience.
  9. "When you die, its not light out, its light on. You become infinitely conscious, all physical limits on understanding are removed, resulting in Absolute Omniscience." This quote from Leo is as direct as it gets. I neither believe it or disbelieve I am way beyond these games coming from the mind. Belief is useless. Consciousness, understanding and realizations are the ways. The only obstacle in my mind is. That this realization doesnt come, if you e.g. kill yourself. All of life is for God to know itself, understand itself and experience itself. The way I understand this insight is the journey of the soul reaching an end. In which complete Omniscience is reached. @Leo Gura can elaborate this insight. It is super interesting.
  10. There is no way out of this "mess" other than going in. The seperate identity is the sadness. What you are sad about fundamentally is your disconnection from God. Other people are in the same boat as you, and it does no service to feel sad about them not giving you the Love that your hearts wants. Its all an illussion, don't feel bad. Society is superficial. Living an egoic life is superficial. Everybody feels this lack deep down. Its all a game. All of it. But it is indeed perfect and if your take a look at it from a higher perspective it is so funny. And to all who have read this thread. Suicide is not the way out.
  11. I don't believe there is a rule in Infinity of what happens, but as most teachers has said that your current life determines what happens after death. Thats why it is so important to purify oneself and to awaken. The way I understand it is that going to complete Omniscience or total Consciousness is a full circle back to the Source. The completion of the journey of the soul. Its funny I had so many spiritual insights as a kid, that I even said to my dad that I believe that people have had many lives. I was speaking about the soul than. Many of the "problems" in my life also don't make sense to me, and makes perfect sense in regards to all the darkness and sadness that a old soul goes through in countless incarnations.
  12. I understand, these teachings are too deep for most people in this time and age. Its not hard to understand why most yogic teachings were kept away from the general public.
  13. Yes of couse that is my path. I have accepted it, and I actually want it. I don't even feel like an "I" anymore. Its so subtle now. My mind is just more quite. Light is always pouring down constantly. I am burning but it is not painfull anymore, it feels blissfull. Anyways thank you! Appriciate your comments.
  14. My hearts aches for the Love. I am doing nothing. Just waiting ?
  15. @puporing If you transcend the fear of God the game is over. ?
  16. Thats also what I intuited. But it was also in regards to physical death. The way Leo puts it is that every incarnation gets to Omniscience after physical death, which is not true from my understanding. That would mean that suicide in every situation would lead to this Ultimate Realization.
  17. @tuku747 Indeed. I don't care about belief, even though I am holding on to one. Ready to drop it. What I do care about is Truth, not more illussions. We are commincating via. The mind right now. But I wanna understand that which is above the mind. Langauge of Light. The Truth can't be putted into words yet alone these paragrafs. The Truth is not about beliefs. An individual doesn't get to decide. There isn't any individual. Its all an illussion.
  18. @tuku747 appriciate your respond, but that was not what I was directly pointing towards. I know there isn't any rigid rule that imposes Consciousness because all limits are self imposed and Consciousness is Infinite. But I am asking a very nuanced thing. And that is in regards to my current understanding, because realizations are serious business. The most serious, its a game that God loves to play with itself. I don't believe that God reveals itself fully to itself after an incarnation, thus what my question was pointing at. There isn't any individual. It is always God. All of what you wrote above is just getting into more dreaming.
  19. Its lot more complicated than that. God is not directly dreaming being a human. It is but what I mean is there are many layers to it. You have a physical body obsviously and than an energic body, astral body and a soul vehicle. The seperation doesn't begin with the ego but with the soul. Realization is the soul/individuated perspective returning to the source, which has always been here, but hiding in grids of illussions. Death is imaginary from the Absolute, but this insight doesn't free you. Obviously even going after absolute freedom is still a dream, God is way beyond that. But thats the game that is being played. What Leo is talking is not wrong per say, but don't get the idea that suicide leads to this realization.
  20. @Inliytened1 From my experience and insights is that God is always God. Consciousness is always consciousness no matter what state or form. Everything is imaginition. I am more consciousness now in regards to before where I didn't know who I was. I'm always pondering whats the difference between all of my awakenings and state now and before where I believed I was a human. Like being a human was my essens. But I understand now that its a dream. The limits on consciousness before was self imposed. Get this! Like how can God forget and remember? How can God limit itself, and than awake? The limits are self imposed. Your source is never asleep.
  21. She didn't breaktrough to the infinite love realization like you. Everybody is different, have different ego structures, traumas, karmic trajectory etc. There is more depth to this than people realize. Awakening is beyond the mind, this doesn't mean that thinking and contemplating is useless, but use is as a correct instrument instead of doubting. Its the ego in you who doubts if you had an awakening. Its also normal, you get to these super highs states with substances. Its like being blasted out of your body, and than come down again. What you describe is correct. Your friend didnt get past the ego. She awoke to the "void" but couldnt let go and go deeper like you did. It takes courage and wisdom. I salute you. Good job.