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  1. What is greater, the light or the source?The light is merely reflected onto something to become sensible (seen). The source that creates the light is superior. We (some of us) are reflections of light perceivable in these vessels. Saying we are gods is like the reflection in a mirror claiming supremacy over the figure standing before it. If anyone claims authority over Jesus let them ask themselves, “What have I done that would cause the time line to be altered because of my birth?”
  2. It’s not all metaphorical. It’s describing a very physical cataclysm followed with an alien pseudo saviour who tries to take over the world prior to the true owner reclaiming His throne. Then it is followed by complete destruction at a later time after the earth had repopulated. Every so often the earth resets. We weren’t the first and won’t be the last. All physical is destroyed, the soul does not.
  3. No, we can communicate with the Divine Spirit. My response would be, “Shit! Those were some potent shrooms.” I understand from what I read from other posters that I come from a different mindset. While reaching enlightenment I received different information than others here. I saw myself as a small piece in a very large puzzle, not the puzzle or the one arranging the pieces. By acceptance I can become one with the whole, not inserting myself where I don’t belong. Regardless, chemicals play with synapses in our brain connecting emotions and memories. Our cognitive function tries to make sense of chaos leading us to the most logical conclusion we can imagine. That was yours. Realizations during meditation can be trusted more than drugs.
  4. Because a child learns to count is he/she the inventor of math? Being aware we are more than flesh does not make us a god, and definitely not the Self-Existent God. Jesus was more than a human being with a human soul. He was a human with a Devine Spirit. That’s why He could do what you can’t and people followed Him and still follow Him. You weren’t enlightened, just stoned.
  5. Using the word “god”, you should understand the word “god”. It means a heavenly being (el). Biblically the word elohim means gods. It was translated as God because they couldn’t preach monotheism otherwise. Often you see Lord God which actually translates to the Self Existent (Jehovah) of the gods. In essence the word “god” is attributed to celestial visitors. So God as you asked is God of gods, and all that is created by Him. He has intellectual property rights to His creation.
  6. I’ve been listening to your podcasts and find some of the words you use betray meaning. God as you say is not rape. God as you say is not love. Both the terms God and love can’t be simply defined. I have been awakened for years and understand some of your concepts because I understood them before I heard you say them, but your use of the term “nothing” is misleading. Awakening is becoming attuned to the presence of everything, not being reduced to nothing. Yahweh is part of everything, as the brain is part of the body. The Logos is what defines us in our roles. We are more like cosmic hormones, causing change on this planet. Although essentially a single hormone may seem like a “nothing”, properly directed in concert with the rest of the body it brings about balance. The Logos is balance. God is not rape, nor does He enjoy it? Rape is imbalance. The design is for human males to display genetic excellence and to be selected by females. Being physically forced circumvents the Logos.