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  1. @Willie into traveler's post
  2. How do you know that now, i.e. "after" you have typed that question? Only, strictly use direct experience! You know that because you "remember" it, right? See for yourself: Remembering = a process of Imagining something in the present moment that supposedly happened in the past. You are thereby creating and projecting a fictitious past onto where there is no past, like superimposing it onto nothingness and then believing it (the supposed past) is there. But it's just soo convincing, right? It just soo feels like there really, really is a past and time and it all really happened, right? And anyone you see on the streets, your family, your friends, everybody would totally confirm that! See how marvellous and genius it is? How cunning, deceiving, yet perfectly beautifully "engineered"? It's all pure imagination.
  3. Interesting that you mention waking up, I've always imagined Ego Death to be more like going to sleep (entering deep sleep). Here's the probably most famous and most-read ego-death description of modern times, it sounds more like going to sleep:
  4. Who then lets go? Who then recognizes the illusion? Who then realizes all that you wrote? Interesting questions to ponder ... or not!
  5. But what if I want to become ... wait for it ... even more enlightened? Like, Level of Consciousness™ 1.000.000+ Category A (≈ Stage™ Coral/Rainbow) with 25% bonus added and another 10% added from this spiritual marketplace Black Friday coupon from 2017 I just found in the drawer?
  6. This video could be helpful to you:
  7. Does the one who cannot comprehend even exist? Maybe this video I posted in another thread helps ("he" also suddenly, shockingly realized his nonexistence - from 20:21 onwards).
  8. When "people" focus on objects and suddenly realize being the void, for quite a few it seems to be a harsh shock rather than happiness/bliss. So the fear is to be expected (see the famous "piece of paper"-experience from 20:21 on in this video):
  9. Not exactly, since Consciousness is no "stuff" (you could say, the other way round). So the ego is somehow made out of Consciousness, but then - it's not. Does it make sense? No? perfect. In order to go above/beyond the mind you have to start embracing the not-making-sense, the confusing, the not-knowing.
  10. I guess this happens when the ego steps in and "hijacks" the realization of all-one-ness, which filtered through the ego-lens becomes aloneness. Of course, God/Consciousness never has a hard time to swallow anything, never feels sad, never feels a "victim" of solipsism. Only the ego can. But egos are not alone (as there are other egos in the illusion). So feeling bad about being all alone, feeling solipsistic might be a consequence of mixing two "dimensions" (God/ego), where the true insight in one dimension (God, the only thing there is) is claimed and necessarily misinterpreted by the other, illusionary dimension (ego, falsely bitching and whining about being alone and solipsism and so on).
  11. That doesn't work, unfortunately. It still feels better to eat that tasty, yummy pizza and it doesn't feel good to eat those bland veggies. Remember, I talk about the feeling in the raw, visceral Here & Now (otherwise the feeling-advice makes no sense), not some thought-abstraction projected onto a future self that has been addicted to junk food for years. So it's preaching to the choir? Which always is useless advice, because those who need it can't hear it and the other way round. That's what I suspected.
  12. I'm unsure about that, that's why I'm asking rather than claiming. Across the forum, I often read advice like: trust your feelings, do what feels good/aligned/resonating, put feelings before thoughts etc. However, if I did what feels good, if I where to use my feelings as guidance, I would eat mostly tasty, fatty, unhealthy food, act out in my anger, possibly harm people (because oh boy does that feel good!) and lots of other, obviously unconscious things, that feel good. So how could feeling ever be a good guidance? Even Jed McKenna says, that feelings are deception mechanisms of the ego. He suggests to think, even if it feels horrible (put mind over heart instead of the other way round): And remember, the "One Rule to Ace Life" is exactly not to do what feels good, comfortable: Am I misunderstanding this? What's your take or experience on this?
  13. How do you know? Based on which meta-standards does science hold up better than (... you name it) in your opinion?
  14. I don't get how feeling good could be a trustworthy guide? It sure feels better (to me at least) to eat a fatty pizza than bland, albeit healthy vegetables. To a pathological murderer, it might feel good to kill. In both cases what feels better would not be a conscious, "good" decision. And didn't Leo say in one video the most important thing is to always do that which feels hardest, odd and most uncomfortable (i. e. exactly not the things which feel good and "aligned", whatever that means anyway)? Sorry for the confusion
  15. How do "we" achieve enlightenment (with or w/o drugs)?