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  1. Greetings to everyone. On my first time as an actualized member, I made a complain about how guilty and ashamed I feel for having sex with prostitutes when I was 17, and I got very good helps and I thank those who helped me for that. But there is this feeling that is weighing me down. I do not know what to do supposed I am able to create a meaningful relationship. My problem is do I have to tell my potential partner what I did? and if so, what is the right way to tell her? I humbly ask for help.
  2. @Recursoinominado I do not know exactly, but I think I never imagined myself that way and it takes me by surprise. But I do want to be in a relationship where my partner and I share mutual intimate feelings. The second and last prostitute I slept with told me to be careful with my life, and let that be my last time. And maybe it is as a result of that warning, that I feel there is a problem with what I did, regardless of my upbringing.
  3. Thank you all for your support. I think I have to tell the truth when I am asked for it (which is hard because I fear confrontation), but I will honour your advices. I appreciate.
  4. @Red-White-Light Thanks for helping me brother, I appreciate.
  5. Hi Leo and everyone, I have been following actualized for some time now. My main reason for being part of your self development program is that, when I was 17, I paid for sex twice a night and even though I haven't done that again since then, I feel guilty. I have had problems forming relationships due to anxiety, that I had from watching porn and masturbating and growing up with narcissistic guardians I humbly want to know if I have to go form a relationship and if so do I have to tell my partner what I did? I will be 20 this November and I am single, lonely and depressed.
  6. @NahmThank you once again brother, I appreciate your time and the advice. I hope to do away with this thinking I have, with the help you have provided me. I'm grateful.
  7. @Nahm Thank you brother, I will read through most often. I am confused on whether I should let my partner know about it suppose I find one. I once opened up to a friend about it and he judged me and told me about the spiritual consequences ( If you have heard about soul ties). Afterwards, I fear that he might be selling me out.